Luxury worries

When the world around you is doing fine, and you have no worries, some people just look for things to offend them.  Enter crossword puzzles! Yes, crossword puzzles.  It seems there is a growing movement among feminists and SJW asshats to be offended by clues or words because they represent men, or just because.  Just […]

Been a while

It’s been a while since I had a truly pissed off printer moment on here.  Most have been retelling of past experiences, as well as other things to help entertain you and soothe my soul.  But this week has been a doozy. My store is open during all this crap.  We service a lot of […]


Well, I hope you are all surviving this Chinese stupid-ass virus going around.  Illinois here just got put on lockdown and non essential businesses are ordered closed.  Not sure if it includes printing as we do stuff for restaurants and the like that ARE open.  We’ll see.  Anyway, here is a story I shared Friday […]


OK, I am taking this week off blogging here due to this virus crap.  With all the shutdowns and ‘social distancing’ going on, I am fortunate enough to still be working. In fact, I was working most of the weekend making copies for local school districts to hand out to students when they shut schools […]

What does it take to be kept in jail?

You want to know why we have gun problems?  THIS is why we have gun problems.  Steven Michael Lincoln, 25, a convicted felon from Ham Lake, isn’t allowed to carry guns.  However he seems to keep getting himself arrested, with guns, and yet finding himself back on the street. How does this happen? From the […]

The personal is politics

I have been trying to write this post for a few months now and just can’t come up with a good way to say it.  I started this several times and abandoned the idea, only to come back after I see yet another example.  So this may not be the best post I will ever […]

Customer Service Gone Bad

So while I was gone to South Carolina for the weekend, we had a customer service mishap at the store. To help the story along, I am going to give you some background first. We have a customer who owns several baseball card shops in the area.  He also does some distribution for other products […]