Name That Bacon!!!

The Macon Bacon, of my Mom has a Sense of Humor post, is running a contest.  They want you to name their  bacon mascot! Name That Bacon! Macon Bacon – The Newest Team in the Coastal Plain League. Sizzling Our Way Into The “Heart of Georgia”.  Well, I am not moving to Georgia, but maybe […]

Designers…Almost as crazy as press guys.

In the early stages of my printing career I had gone thru several designers.  Our first guy would just absolutely refuse to spell check anything before he sent to a customer for a proof.  Myself or the owner were always there to proofread, but he would constantly send stuff out with multiple errors without anyone […]

Customer Supplied Artwork – Pt 4

(reprint from Facebook, 2015) A typical issue I run into at work when customers submit artwork is that they don’t know the printing process and don’t take certain things into account when they lay out a flyer or a business card. I actually understand that. Were I not in the business I could see myself […]

I hate school zones

I have a 6 minute drive to work.  During school season, I have an 11 minute drive to work.  I pass thru 4 different school zones causing the difference.  Gotta be slow for the tiny humans. I get it.  Mine were tiny once. Now I have what has been called a lead foot when it […]

Ignorance at the bowling alley

I am a bowler. I have bowled since I can remember.  My friends and I used to go to the bowling alley Sunday mornings where it was all you can bowl from 9 until noon for $5.  I started bowling with my father on his Men’s league when I was 16.  I worked in a […]