My political asks from the 2016 election

Right now in our political environment you have the clown car firmly on the Democratic side with 20+ people currently in the primary, all trying to out-liberal each other in the hopes of gaining traction and moving on.  Back in 2016 we had the Republican version of that, with Trump being the victor.  During that […]

Can you read?

The owner of the print shop I work at also owns several other businesses.  One of them is a string of laundromats. Of course we do the printing and advertising for these other businesses.  For the laundromats, a few of them are open 24 hours.  As part of his advertising we did the window perfs […]

Oct, 1998

On the day above, well, around October 6th, I received in the mail a card.  I know, many of you younger people are confused by ‘mail’ and received a card’, but trust me it was a thing that happened back in the day.  So  I get the card addressed to me, with a Chicago Heights […]


Well the 4th of July has passed and as far as I can tell everyone that I know  still has all their fingers.  There was no posting on the 4th.  I just didn’t feel I could put down my love for this country in words that would convey it without the anger I was feeling […]


While I was in college I was a small amount of money courtesy of the Illinois Lottery. It wasn’t millions or even 5 figures, but it was enough that I bought a kick-ass stereo and a used car for me to have while at school.  The object of my desire was a 1977 Pontiac Grand […]

Small logos

A typical job: A good customer calls last week wanting to do 2 posters for an event they are hosting.  They want 2, 24″ x 36″ posters with “Thanks for your support” at the top, and the logos of several companies that had donated to the event they were doing.  So she send me 8 logos […]

Second car

Running out of printer stuff to get pissed about, or at least NEW stuff to get pissed about, so you get car stories again today.  My first car was a 1976 Ford Grand Torino powder blue station wagon, and I told you a few memorable stories for me that occurred because of or with that […]