Hold my beer- Cuomo style

Ever notice how during the Chinese Lung Aids crap, the most fascist states and cities are all ran by Democrats? Take Michigan for example where they will let you into a store to buy food, but not paint 2 aisles over.  As if those aisles are loaded with the Covid-cooties or something but the rest […]

Licensing politicians

In this over-regulated world we live in, you need to be licensed or certified to do just about everything. Want to cut hair? Have to go to school, get a license, pay fees and take classes to stay ‘current’. Want to be a tour guide in Washington DC? Same thing. Classes, fees, continuing classes, etc. […]

Tranny Part 2

A while back I wrote a post about Jessica Yaniv, a Canadian ‘woman’ who does nothing but try and sue places for discrimination. The post I wrote was when she sued a salon for discrimination because they wouldn’t give her a Brazilian wax job. The salon eventually won but still cost them some money to […]

Liberal Privilege

I like watching cooking shows.  Iron Chef was always a favorite and for a while Chopped was as well.  That one got to be old when certain judges would say crap like “I can’t taste the ingredient, or you didn’t transform said ingredient’.  The rules don’t SAY that, they just say use, a little or […]


Over my 28 years of management, I have hired (and fired, as noted in an older post) many people. The interview process is one that I really don’t like doing, and REALLY hate it when I am on the other end. After I closed my store in 2008, I went on over 100 job interviews. […]

Ordering online

One of the compromises we had to make when we moved to South Carolina was that we had to decide on a few things to not bring with us.  We decided to use a Pod for moving as that was only about $3000 vs the over $10k for a moving truck. The Pod allowed us […]


Well it is about that time, time to vote in our national elections. Let me ask you one thing.  Unless you have recently moved, is there ANYONE who wants to vote and isn’t registered, or for that matter anyone who doesn’t know that you have to be registered to vote? If you are among those, […]


With all the Chinese Lung Aids crap going around, we are constantly seeing commercials and signs proclaiming ‘Heroes work here” when referring to doctors.  While I am willing to give props to first responders, ER people and those that work the Covid wings, there is a group that I am calling out for the chicken-shits […]

S.C. Update

Most of you readers are still from Illinois. It’s not like this little blog has gone big-time or anything. Although I do have a regular reader whose ISP says Ireland, so there is that. For today I just thought I would update you on some things that are the same and some that are different. […]