No patience

I am a man of little patience.  I do have some, but when it comes to traffic, patience is nowhere to be found.  On the way into work this morning I got stuck behind a school bus before I could get out of my neighborhood streets.  It stopped every other street until it finally turned […]

Public Service Announcement

Let me end this week with a public service announcement. Please do not EVER come to me with invitations you want printed that are loaded with Disney Characters or cartoon characters.  Unless you paid Disney, Marvel or whoever the copyright holder is for permission to use those images, it is technically ILLEGAL for me to […]

Veteran’s Day 2019

This is a repost from last year.  Not sure I can say it any differently. I am not a veteran.  I know many veterans. My father was in the Air Force back in the day and earlier I posted about my grandfather who was in the Navy.  I have had many cousins and such in […]

BIL Update – November

OK, sorry no funny again, just life.  When last i updated things were pretty grim for BiL. Well they got worse still for a bit.  Walking around the neighborhood in his underwear, not eating, not cleaning himself and so on, he was just becoming a shell of himself.  He made yet another trip to our […]

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here.  Wife’s birthday is today so I had to make her a custom card.  Silly me, I started doing that years ago and now I can’t stop.  it’s expected.  Oh well, she likes it, she gets it.  I have no idea what the day will bring us weather-wise, so my follow up post […]