Nashville Day 2

Day 2 in Nashville had us going a little slow.  3 nights of very heavy drinking, eating and partying has taken its toll on our old bodies. We slept in until around 10 and then decided to check out the local area for a bit.  We wandered down the block perhaps a mile, looking for […]

Nashville, Day 1

Nashville.  Music City.   So we arrive in Nashville late afternoon.  Just like in Memphis we went and rented an apartment for the stay.  This time it was about a 10 minute drive from the main street downtown, located just off the campus at Vanderbilt. The apartment was in a ‘luxury’ building and was very nice.  […]

Caller ID funny

We have caller ID here at the store.  In the last 3 days, we have had calls from ‘Ebony’, ‘Ivory’, ‘PrincessPeach’ ‘Yourself’ and ‘Rim of Hell’.  Not making those up. I didn’t answer the one from Rim of Hell.  Wasn’t gonna chance it.


OK, this last week has been very hectic, chaotic, painful and just downright busy.  After I got back from our trip I had surgery and since then have been trying to figure out how to navigate my life and depending heavily on my wife and son.  That is not something I am used to doing […]


Well I survived both my trip to Memphis/Nashville and my foot surgery yesterday.  There are probably a few stories I can tell about the trip, I’ll work on those over the next few days.  The pain drugs I am on now are pretty good so I am not typing very well.  The backspace button has […]

Posting update

By the time you read this, if you read this on the day I posted it, I should be about halfway to Memphis Tennessee.  This weekend is a guys trip to get some BBQ and some live music to a place we haven’t been.  It started off with myself and my best friend from high […]