I am afraid that the PIssedOffPrinter is out of commission for about a week here. On Saturday evening my father passed away. He had been battling cancer for a few years now and over the last 6 weeks or so had gotten very bad. We knew this was coming and my mom, siblings and I […]


Many people seem uncomfortable accepting compliments or praise. For some reason people just get embarrassed when they receive a compliment. For the longest time Mrs. TPoP was that way, even with stuff coming from me. When I would tell her she looked beautiful she would get embarrassed and not believe me. I do not have […]

Yelp sucks.

I like using people and businesses that are recommended to me.  I prefer that those recommendations come to me from people I know, but I have been known to check out reviews and comments on products and websites.  I have also used Yelp from time to time, mostly for food places.  Let me say that […]

Raising prices.

When I first took over my current store, I encountered a lot of customers who were used to getting things either really cheap or even free from the previous regime.  The pricing strategies of the 2 girls up front must have just been whatever they feel like charging because the half owner who was in […]

AZ, last weekend

Our New owner training was scheduled to end about 4 days before Christmas.  We were having one last weekend there, then we had 2 more days of tests and presentations to show what we learned. That last weekend we were invited to the Corporate Christmas party that Friday since we were there.  Everyone attended, even […]

AZ week 3 – Snowy Arizona!

December in Arizona wasn’t too bad.  It got a little chilly at night where you would need a coat, but nowhere near the parka you would need in Chicago.  Days were still shorts weather for us Midwesterners, although some locals wore coats.  Thin blood and all that.  During week 3 we were chatting with one […]

AZ week 1

When I spent a month in Arizona for the New Owner Training, myself and the other people there spent a lot of time together.  We ate breakfast in the hotel lobby together, drove to the corporate offices and then spent the whole day together learning the wonders of printing. We even usually ate dinner together.  […]

A month in Arizona

In 1992 I started my career in printing.  I accepted a job at a new franchise location that was just starting up and had not even been built yet.  So I accepted the job the Monday before Thanksgiving and left that Sunday for sunny Arizona to spend a month ‘training’ in how to run a […]

Illegal criminals

A big topic in this country is illegal immigration.  NOT immigration, but illegal immigration.  The two things are very different and are often talked about as if they are one and the same.  People will jump back and forth with stats about one then the other thinking that they are having a coherent argument when […]