Sorry, don’t work here

I was wasting time before work Saturday and I read one of those listicles or whatever they are called where people (real people?) had submitted stories of how they were mistaken for employees of some place they were in, when they really were not.  Most of them were pretty funny, usually involving some sort of […]

Wokism = Prayer

In 1962 the Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools.  Mandated prayers are illegal.  Even voluntary prayers were deemed illegal in most cases.  The logic behind that is by having voluntary prayer you force some students to be ‘outsiders’ to the main group if they don’t participate and subject dissenters to intense peer group and […]

Book advance bribery

A while back New York Governor Cuomo signed a HUGE book deal.  $4 million dollar ‘advance’ on his book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons. Now aside from the fact that the only leadership lesson he can probably teach is how to be a blowhard and berate everyone around you because you are a bully, that is a very […]

I didn’t forget again…

My schedule is so messed up it wouldn’t be surprising if I did, but something came up. I sat down yesterday afternoon to write Thursday’s post and then due to some storms in the area we lost our internet for a while. Power too but that at least came back on after a brief bit. […]

Memorial Day 2021

Memorial day 2021 is almost over. No, I didn’t forget to write anything this year, I just waited until the end of the weekend to compose my thoughts. I was just going to recycle one of my previous ones like I sometimes do on holidays, but didn’t feel like taking the easy way out this […]

Offended as a printer

I have been doing printing for a long time. Since 1992 I have been doing this on one form or another. And sometimes that makes me a t like a printing snob. There are just some things that ‘offend’ me as a printer, that probably shouldn’t, but they do. I hate customer’s who nitpick over […]

More email scams

After I moved here to South Carolina, I had to look for a new job.  Originally we tried to purchase a house closer to Greenville, where I had a place that was ready to offer me a job, but the housing market there was just too damn hot.  We would literally find something online or […]


So in Southlake Texas, there was a battle over Critical Race Theory.  The good guys won and it was ousted from the school. Well, liberal zealots being what they are, they can’t take losing gracefully.  The next step?  Try and get everyone who sided against them fired from their jobs using the woke mob. “American […]

F*ck the Palestinians

This is a tweet from Obama’s former advisor and speech writer: Just try for a moment to look at the world through the eyes of a Palestinian child. OK, let’s do that, shall we?   (Palestinian 8 year old boy)I wake up today on this dirt floor.  It is hard and cold, but I know the […]