Back to being pissed!

Wow,I got a trifecta this morning and the day is only half over!  To start my day I got this lovely email in my inbox: Hello, I recently purchased a digital download off of Etsy to print invitations for my son’s 2nd birthday coming up. I took the download to Staples and they told me […]

Father’s Day

Happy father’s day to all the fathers out there who try, who care and who want to be a father.  Some didn’t want to be but stepped up and because the best father they could be.  Some stood in for absent fathers and became the best father they could be.  Some have always wanted to […]

Father’s day is approaching…

And once again I keep seeing the same memes and quips from certain ladies.  On FATHER’S DAY we don’t need to see posts and memes about how you are ‘Super Single-Mom’ and so on.  We get it, you have issues with a deadbeat dad or know someone with those issues.  I feel for you, really […]

Things around the office that sound dirty

Just random things heard around here from time to time: “I don’t like things that squirt in my mouth, but I put up with it.”  My designer,  talking about the cherry tomatoes in her lunch. “That would be a hand job and it would cost more.”  Boss to a customer when they asked about doing […]


Hello everyone, glad to be back.  I missed my bed, I missed my dog and am (mostly) recharged and ready to go!  So let’s start off with something political, called TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). I am a very opinionated person, as if you couldn’t tell.  However even in my Obama-hating prime I didn’t go anywhere […]

Returning Notes…

Well by the time you read this my recharge is over and I will be back at work.  Just for Friday then get the weekend to finish readjusting.  The week was fun.  Got to spend time with my wife, my kids and some inlaws, enjoy a wedding, a movie, the pool (a LOT) and several […]


Hello each and every one of you that reads this!  Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this and laugh with or at my daily hazards.  I will be gone for about 10 days to Florida to recharge.  I have a wedding to go to and we decided to […]