Defending your child

Many years ago when son #2 was about 10 or 11, he mooned his school bus after it dropped him off.  The next day was a crazy one as apparently some girl told her father, and said father went to the school and wanted my kid arrested and charged with indecent exposure. So the school […]

Confusing the Japanese

In the late 90’s, my store became a Canon copier only shop.  They were the first to introduce affordable digital copiers to the print-for-pay market and they seized on that with a slew of new machines that ran circles around anything else priced in the same range.  Xerox still had some beastly machines, but the […]

Anarchy is coming…

So for 2020, New Your has instituted what they are calling bail and jail reforms.  In short, they are not jailing people if the crimes they committed are ‘non-violent’.  They are also releasing most people under those same guidelines.  Now you and me can see that right off the bat, this seems like it would […]

Live Music

I like viewing and listening to live music. When I was younger I went to concerts whenever my meager income allowed me to.  I know I am dating myself here, but I saw Huey Lewis & The News several times, Rick Springfield several times (although most of those were in the last 10 years!), Hall […]

2020, here I come!!!

I learned a long time ago to never say “Well, it can’t get any worse”, because ‘it’ always finds a way.  So I am not going to say good riddance to 2019, it can’t get any worse in 2020.  However, 2020 will have to work hard to be worse.  There are some big changes coming […]

Merry Christmas!

I am off to go over the (Kankakee) river and thru the woods (and corn fields) to grandmothers house we go!  My ‘sleigh’ is not open and has more than one horse(power) so it should get us there in about an hour.  May everyone be safe and happy today instead of pissed off like I […]

Christmas is almost here, less than a week away.  We got a little snow here and it is cold, so on that aspect it sure feels like Christmas.  But much like Thanksgiving, myself and Mrs. TPoP are just not feeling it. It’s mostly dealing with my brother-in-law. Things just get weirder and more of a […]