Got called a cracka last week. LOL!

So last  week we got a call from a lady looking for a flyer.  The conversation went the same as many do. “Do you do flyers?  How much?”  Why do people ask that question without giving any information?  Anyway, I try and prompt her with some of the specifics like quantity, paper, etc. and it […]

Never forget

I will never forget.  Sadly, I think many have, and many more just don’t care.  repeat post, because i can’t say it any other way. __________________________________________________ I think most people who are old enough can recall where they were or what they were doing on 9-11.  I was on my way to work, was almost […]

Lucky accident? (Car #3)

My third car was the first I bought from a non-family member.  Somehow I got very lucky and managed to win a few thousand bucks from the Illinois lottery.  I used some to buy me an expensive stereo (dad did not like that idea), spent a few hundred on beer for the year at school […]


Good morning everyone!  This is Joe for the second time in a year guest posting!  Since you probably don’t remember me, I currently SELL copiers and printers, although in my past I have ran an office supply store that also doubled as a copy shop back in my day.  So I have a story here […]

Laboring on Labor Day weekend.

This beautiful Labor Day weekend also happens to be my anniversary.  29 years yesterday I have been married to a beautiful woman that puts up with my crap.  So what do you do for your 29th wedding anniversary?  Labor. We paint the kitchen. Friday removing and taping everything, Saturday painting and yesterday putting things back […]