Phone lenders

Back in the days when copier maintenance contracts did not include the cost of toner in them, you used to have what were known as Toner Phoners who would call prints hops and get people who answered the phone to divulge what copiers they had and a serial number, usually by claiming to be from […]

Kaperdick. I mean Kaepernick…

So the NFL seems about ready to have a team offer Colin a job. I wonder if everyone realizes how bad this actually could be.  let’s take scenario #1.  Colin signs with a team.  He goes thru practice and by any standard just isn’t ready to wrest the team from whoever has the job at […]

The fake noose

So now we have noose-gate.  Jussie V2.  Yet another noose hoax.  Since the day this story came out I was pissed.  I was pissed because either someone was stupid enough in their hatred of blacks or love of the stupid ass Confederate flag that they did that, or because someone was pulling yet another hoax […]

Travelling in “these trying times”

If there are phrases I am so sick of, it’s “In these troubling times”, “In these trying times”, “During these unprecidented times” and “In these uncertain times”.  So during these ‘uncertain times’ Mrs TPoP and I , along with son #2, decided to fly to South Carolina.  We went to visit son #1, visit crazy […]

Fathers Day 2020

Guys, my fathers day message today may be a bit depressing, and if it is, I am sorry.  But I just want to tell all of you that if you love and appreciate your dads, never miss an opportunity to tell them so. Don’t keep putting off that visit because the kids need to do […]

Travel Day…

Today is/was travel day.  I had a post teed up previewing my trip to South Carolina but for some reason it didn’t post.  Since it didn’t, I will just make it a complete wrap up on Monday.  I am here now visiting with son #1 and then my crazy brother in law, as well as […]

Were you ‘essential’?

So, during this Chinese Lung Aids, was your business ‘essential’ or were you shutters like half the economy?  I have been what I considered fortunate that printing has been considered essential.  For the first 3 weeks or so we were on some pretty reduced hours.  Bossman and myself took turns being here and were both […]

Defunding Police

With ‘disband the police’ a popular theme in certain Democratic shitholes, there are a few important things to consider.  The first is that evil exists.  Virtually every option out there for enforcing relies on community engagement and people having a sense of ‘community’ to deter crime. While that may work for some small shoplifters, it […]

BIL update – June 2020

Time for a BIL update. For the most part there has been no real change until maybe the last 2 weeks.  With all this Chinese Lung Aids crap his doctor appointments keep getting cancelled, moved and so on.  We were finally able to get him to talk with the psychologist (on Zoom).  of course, he […]

Crazy times part 2

So I read some of the more liberal news stories out there and I get struck by a common theme among them.  On one hand you have many of the writers worrying about boggie men, real and imagined.  You see phrases like “White Supremisists are showing up in Hawaiian shirts hoping to stir up trouble”, […]