Memorial Day

Funny thing about patriotic holidays, you can always spot the people that really don’t give a shit and try and troll those that say they do.  Like during this holiday today.  Memorial Day.  A day to remember those that have served this country and paid the price of their life for doing so.  It doesn’t […]

School got something right

Even since I started at my current store back in 2008, at the end of the school year I get deluged with parents wanting me to print them forgeries of their graduation tickets.  Every kid gets 4 tickets here, that’s it.  However there are many families that want to bring every damn relative within 100 […]

Out of practice

To counter my gun anger over the previous post, I went to the range last night after work.  I haven’t been shooting in almost 5 months now due to my rotator cuff damage.  I have only recently been able to hold my arm out at shoulder height without pain, something I pretty much need to […]

My attempt at fisking an anti-gun skreed

I am not too good at this fisking stuff, but had to try it with this article.  I found myself verbally countering just about every line, so here it is on the screen instead (although with about 50% less swear words). Link to insanity Hey there, NRA: Listen, I know the moments after a gunman […]

A new low in cheapness

OK, the cheapness of people never surprises me THAT much, but sometimes I do get caught a bit off guard, like when they guy wanted to accept name stamps that were spelled wrong if I gave them to him at half price.  Anyway… I will often get people in here who go and create a […]

Be happy!

In addition to my printing job, I also volunteer at an animal rescue.  Most often my efforts revolve around fundraising with my wife (SHE is the coordinator, I am just manual labor and occasional brainstormer).  We run all sorts of things to raise money for the shelter such as charity poker tournaments, candlelight bowls, bake […]

My head still hurts…

So last night I went to a concert with my oldest boy.  It was a local venue with no seating and a bar. Got free tickets (thanks Nicci!!!) for helping the booking manager out with a rush job.  We get there about 30 minutes before the show starts and there are 3 bands, an opening […]