Not gonna do it…

Retail life for me was filled with lots of little annoyances.  I was limited in how much paper I could order and keep in stock.  If i had a specific job that required more than we had, I was unable to officially take it from the floor and replace once ours came in.  I say […]

Stunt driving

(Reposted from FB) OK, so I was by myself this weekend and was looking at the empty fridge.  I needed food but was too lazy to go to the store in all this cold and snow crap.  However there was really nothing other than some junk food to eat so off I went.  The snow […]

Turkey Day 2018!

Thanksgiving is just about here again and this year we will be actually staying home!  For a long while we had taken a road trip to Branson, Missouri every year to hang at my in-laws.  Several years ago that long trip stopped after the father in law passed and the step mom in law got […]

My mistake

I made a mistake once.  OK, I make them all the time but for the purposes of this post, I made a mistake on a job I was to do.   A few years back I had an EDDM mailing to to.  For those that don’t know what that is, it is a program the post […]

Government over-reach.

Many times while my boys were growing up we would send them off to my brother’s house to go play with their cousins. We would get a few hours of no kids that allowed us to clean, shop or even nap.  We would then return the favor later in the week or whenever the situation […]

Veterans Day

I am not a veteran.  I know many vets, my father was in the Air Force back in the day and earlier I posted about my grandfather who was in the navy.  I have had many cousins and such in every branch of the armed forces.  However I am not a vet. Back in 1983, […]