Strip club or casino?

Many, many years ago, my shop was an all male shop for a while.  It didn’t start out that way and truth be told I usually favor female designers.  I like having a female point of view on a lot of things but that isn’t the deciding factor when I hire, competency is. But this […]

A public service announcement

Well, not really.  Just wanted to remind everyone that you are free to comment here (although I will be removing troll-ish behavior) and let me know when I am wrong (in your mind!) or if you like something.  I also welcome feedback.  This is new to me, so let me know what’s on your mind.  […]

You get what you give me

We do a lot of legal copy work here.  What that means is we get those clunky Bankers Boxes filled with all sorts of shitty files that a lawyer needs copies of. Usually it is part of some Discovery and they have to make 1 or 2 copies for opposing lawyers. The deal we have […]

You want a business card or a brochure?

A business card is your introduction to prospective clients, sellers, buyers, etc.  It should contain enough information for people to know WHO you are, HOW to get a hold of you and WHAT you do, albeit in a condensed form.  And you have to get all that into a 2″ x 3.5″ space.  Depending on […]

Merry Christmas!

Yes I am often cranky and I do not suffer fools lightly, even when that fool is myself, but I am not ALWAYS pissed off.  Thank you for taking the time to read my anger management.  I know of about 30 of you who view this site on occasion,  and the site reached a high […]

Christmas Adventures at Wal-Mart

This happened to me last year, reprinted here from Facebook:   So #2 son asked me to pick something up for his mom for Christmas. Yesterday I got out of work a few hours early so went to Walmart to look for it. They didn’t have it, so I left. On my way out, I […]