Fish Fry Tickets

(FFB 3-7-16) Latest stupid call… at 4:59 pm. Caller: Do you do fish fry tickets? me: I can do any kind of ticket, I just need to know what it looks like, what kind of paper you want, black or colored ink, perfs or numbering and so on. Caller: it looks like a fish fry […]

Cheap-ass people

OK, I get it.  You gotta look out for the bottom line.  You make that clear every damn time you call for pricing.  I give you great pricing.  I am not trying to be the lowest cost printer in the area, because those guys usually go broke, but my prices are very good.  So how […]


I have to say that over my 27+ years of being I printing, the job I hate doing most is invitations.  Specifically wedding invitations. Bridezillas are now the norm instead of the exception and that just ruins the whole process. First off, you can never charge what you SHOULD charge or you will never get […]

Reporters are stupid about guns

But of course most people already knew that.  They make up words that sound scary and invent things that don’t exist to try and make a point.  Then there is what they are trying to do now in scaring people.  The new thing is to try and somehow ‘forgive’ the coward sheriffs who did nothing […]

The bar scene

I went to a bar this past Saturday night.  I don’t really go to bars anymore so it was an experience.  Back in my younger 20’s, my buddy Kevin and I used to know every bar within 30 minutes of our houses.  We knew which ones closed at 2, which ones closed at 4 and […]

Google sucks ass.

Not much weird crap going on in printing lately.  No funny stories i can spin from crazy-ass customers.  The last few weeks have just been filled with micro-agressions against me.  I have had several of the usual calls asking if we do business cards, then asking me how much without giving me any further information.  […]