Remembrance Card Blues

OK, I have two ladies that came in yesterday who are trying to do a remembrance card for her mother. I get it, you want it right. But first, they give me a picture that is 75 years old and has water damage and then complains that the picture is ‘dark and uneven’. Plus, the […]

Parking Lot Rage

(FFB 3-19-16) Road rage happens in parking lots as well.  A major reason is because there are too many fucking morons who have no idea how to park!  Winter is just about over here (well, officially it is spring, but around here we will probably get snow on baseball opening day!), and I get that […]


OK, not to appear insensitive, but if a customer comes in and he has a lazy eye, one looking off to the right, is it rude to stare at his good eye so that you DON”T stare at the other one? I don’t want to be like Austin Powers and start saying “Eeeeeyyyyyyeeeee. Eye eye […]

No cash?

I swear if one more asshole comes in here and wants to use a credit card for $1.50 worth of copies I am going to strangle them.  Only been open 30 minutes and already 2 of these special idiots today. Seriously, you don’t have two bucks in change rolling around your car somewhere?  Ever hear […]

Shit got deep in here today

Where I work we have a very integrated shop.  One of us is a White Sox fan and the other one isn’t.  I can’t help it that he has no taste in baseball teams.  Anyway, he wasn’t too bad when the Cubs finally broke their losing streak and won the World Series last year.  I […]

Why no jail time?

From time to time I have complained that we don’t need new gun laws but instead need to enforce the ones we have.  Some anti-gun folks I know tend to think that argument has no merit but then I point them to things like THIS ARTICLE. “A Chicago-area woman arrested last year for her role in […]