So the spiders around my house have been particularly busy the last month.  Every time I go outside I  see a new web spouting up somewhere, often right where I don’t want one.  There is a tree next to my driveway with a few lower hanging branches.  Well every few days some enterprising spider decides […]

Holy crap!

OK, not sure if this will translate into print well, but I am going to try.  So last night I was at bowling.  (I bowl on Tuesdays)  We were on lanes by the the end and there were maybe 20 empty lanes to the side of us.  Well I needed to use the restroom (several […]

Guns for me, not for thee…

One of the things that pisses me (and most pro-gun people) off about gun grabbers is the utter hypocrisy of them.  Some of the loudest ones you here live in gated, safe communities and travel with armed protection.  THEY don’t have a gun, you see, but they ‘need’ protection, so they can afford to pay […]

Sales caller saved by a priest

We get sales calls here.  A lot of them.  In a typical day we’ll have at least 4 people call looking for the owner, plus at least one looking to get in touch with either whoever handles the merchant account, whoever pays the ComEd bill (electric) or whoever handles the outgoing shipping.  Now I have […]

No funny today…

Today I am just going to repost my post from last year this day.  I will have new content on Thursday.  Please never forget, always remember, and try to be a good person. _____________________________________________ I think most people who are old enough can recall where they were or what they were doing on 9-11.  I […]

Out of whack

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Holiday weekends always throw me out of whack with my schedule.  Add into that the fact that we got slammed with orders over the weekend and the boss has been gone for half the day each day this week, and I am running almost non-stop. Just wanted to throw […]