Online garage sales

I am sure that these are available in most areas, but we have around here on Facebook the Joliet Area Garage Sale, Plainfield Area Garage Sale and the Plainfield Area Marketplace.  You can post stuff for sale on one, two or all 3 sites, and depending on which ones you use, you get people interested in buying your stuff.  Or you just get people.  If you do the Joliet or Plainfield garage sales, you get people in the area.  If you do the Marketplace, you get people from all over the metro area.  Here are the types of people you get.
1) Curiosity seekers.  These people always send the same thing: ‘Is this still available?’  Once you tell them yes, you never hear from them ever again.  If you put in the listing to Message you, they will reply in the actual thread until you confirm its status.  Otherwise your inbox gets flooded with the same message from dozens of people.  Is it still available?
2) Low ballers.  You can have a $400 trek mountain bike, list it for $100, and every third or fourth offer will ask if you are wiling to take $80.  Doesn’t matter what the listing price is, they ALWAYS ask if you will take less.  Usually it isn’t too much less, just a power trip for them to pay less than you listed for it.  Rarely are they interested in buying, unless they also fit category #4.
3) Go-to-hell low ballers.  There is always one or two people that offer you something so low that you tell them to go to hell.  As an example, said $400 bike that was listed for $100, someone messaged and asked if I would take $30.  There were a few that asked if I would take $60, and those I ignored.  The $30 offer got all the swear words I had not yet used that week.
4) Genuine interest:  You will get people who genuinely are interested in the item.  They ask legitimate questions.  They may also try and offer you less, but they are not going to go into the go-to-hell category.  You usually don’t mind these people.
5) FIRST!:  These are the people who seem to message you seconds after your listing goes up, say they are interested, don’t negotiate the price, agree to the price, then you can never meet with them to actually sell the item. There is always an endless string of excuses.  “I had to work late”, “My daughter had a flat tire, I had to help”, “I have a doctor appointment that I forgot about…”.  Screw them.  You waste days dealing with the excuses when you had other people making offers that you could have sold to and been done with this crap.
6) Too far:  On the listings you have a location box.  You can put the specific town, or an are like ‘Joliet area’.  This way if someone on the Marketplace is in Northbrook, they can decide if they really want to drive down to Joliet to buy a bike. However it doesn’t stop the idiots from going all thru the negotiating process to THEN say ‘Oh, you are too far away, can you meet me in Schaumburg?’  No, I am not driving an hour to meet someone who might not even show up, or if they do try and renegotiate the price.
7) I’ll Pay more!:  Once you supposedly have a deal you let others know that you have a deal with person #1, and if it falls thru, they are next in line.  “I’ll pay you $120…” is usually the next response you get.  Sure you will.  And with less-principled people, maybe they would call off the deal and go with you.  However I try to honor my word.  So if I told person A that he could have it, I sell to person A.  Until they become person #8…
8)  Think they got ya!: These are the assholes you talk to, who sound sincere, ask the right questions, agree with the price and make a time to meet you.  You get to the arranged spot, they inspect the item, then say “would you take $80?”  NO I FUCKING WOULD NOT TAKE $80, YOU FUCKTARD!  Did you think that because I went to the trouble to load the bike up and meet you somewhere that I would just want to be done with it? You are half right, I do want to be done with it, but MY level of hatred for YOU right now is high enough that I will ( and did) tell you to go fuck yourself and go back home.  Oh, and when you say OK, $100 then I will tell you it’s $140 and leave.
When all is said and done, you have wasted a week of time, hours of aggravation and tons of swear words to try rid yourself of a bike you haven’t used in 2 years.  You end up selling to the 4th or fifth person who said they were interested, and then knowing they are last resorts, they also try and low ball you.  By the 5th one you take $90 just to be rid of the offending piece of metal and damn every person who replied to hell.
Then next week you do it all again for the snowboard….

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