First bar ‘fight’

There was once a time when kids were allowed in bars. We still couldn’t drink, but we were allowed in.  I can remember when I worked for my father we would occasionally stop at a bar on the way home.  He would have a beer or two, I got a pop and usually ended up driving home.  I can remember being in several of the bars around my home town with my dad when I was younger, sitting at the bar having a pop enjoying the conversation.  That isn’t happening now.  If a kid comes and sits at the bar and they don’t  kick him out, they could lose their license.
Most of my extended family lives in the southern Illinois area.  To say they were rednecks would probably be pretty accurate.  I would spend summers down there and comeback saying ‘y’all’ for a month afterwards.  These small towns all had bars, and I had an aunt that either worked at and/or owned most of them in the one town. So one day we were in town for a family reunion a few days early.  My aunt Bessie was tending bar at one of the joints and my mom and I went up to go visit her.  The bar was a typical neighborhood bar for the area, but a bit larger.  They had 2 pool tables as well and were always busy.
We go in and sit at the bar and start talking to my aunt.  She sets us up with drinks (more pop for me, although I got lots of beer at the reunion…) and we talk while she is slinging drinks at the locals.  Once guy comes up from the pool table and stands right next to my mom to order another beer. While Bessie was getting his beer I could see the guy checking out my mom.  Now back in the day my mom looked pretty good, so I got it.  It was weird because it was my mom, but he got his beer and left. Maybe 15 minutes later he came back up for another beer and again was giving my mom the eye while he waited.  Now I am starting to get a little ticked off, but I’m just a skinny 13 year old, not too much I can do. As Bessie comes back with the beer, they guy leans in close to my mom and says “Hey pretty lady, I haven’t seen you around here before” in what I am sure he thought was a sexy voice or something.
Now Bessie was about 5’6″ and maybe 130lb soaking wet.  She sees this, slams the beer on the bar and then grabs the guy by the collar.  “That’s my brother’s wife, you moron!” and she slugged him right in the nose!  He went staggering backwards and fell on his butt.  “I told you to stop hitting on every woman that walks in the is bar! You are lucky it’s ME that hit you and not some jealous husband!” He just sat there rubbing his nose for a few moments looking like a deer in headlights.  Finally he got up, walked over to the bar and apologized to my mom, then asked Bessie if he could have a fresh beer since she spilled half the one she brought when she slammed it on the bar.

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