Party Tap

SoI failed at selling insurance and went back to work with my dad. I made crap wages, at least crap compared to my bills.  The only saving grace was that I was still living at home.  Took me 2 weeks to make enough to cover my car payment at the time.  Not too much happened during that time as I didn’t have the time or money to do anything.  Well, except drink on Sunday nights.
My best bud at the time, that lived near me, was Kevin.  We had worked together at the bowling alley (there are a few posts concerning us on here already) and usually got into trouble together.  One thing we had in common was that we both worked ‘nights’  He had a true night shift while I was doing more of a second shift with my day.  As a result we both had MonDAYS off, and as a result we ended up at the bar on Sunday night.  There was a place out here, right on the border with Indiana that we liked to frequent.  We knew a few of the bouncers and were Sunday regulars so we often had a good time.  It also helped that they had a All-You-Can-Drink beer or wine for $5 from 9:30 to midnight.  needless to say we took advantage of that just about every weekend.
The bar was probably your typical bar at the time.  Lots of dance music, a few slow songs, and lots of drinking.  The bar was open until 2 AM, and after that we had two options.  We could go get some food before going home (White Castle) or hit a bar 10 minutes north that was open until 4 am.  usually we opted for food.  One of those food nights we had a friend along and between the three of us we had 50 sliders.  Oh to be young and able to eat like that again.  One thing we forgot was to tell them no pickles.  None of us liked the pickles.  So when we were finished there was a pile of about 70 pickles in the middle of the table. As we are walking out the door, Kevin on a whim reaches over the back of the booth, grabs the huge pickle pile and throws it at the window.  SPLAT!  There are now about 30 pickles just stuck like glue to the window.  We ran out of there faster than I can remember.
It was at our bar where I encountered my second, and third, bar fights.  The second one did not concern me but we enjoyed watching it.  A guy had grabbed a woman’s butt and she had turned around and slapped him.  A fight ensued and before you knew it there were 6 or 7 bouncers on the guy beating him up and throwing him out.  The reason we enjoyed watching it was one of the bouncers was a guy who had worked with Kevin and myself at the bowling alley.  He was quite the tool and in our opinion couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.  He in no way looked intimidating and certainly didn’t exude authority.  We had no idea how or why he got hired.  Well he was the first into the fray and when the offending guy saw him coming slammed him with a punch that knocked him backwards about 10 feet into the middle of the dance floor on his ass.  That show was well worth the $5 we paid to get in.
The third bar fight I saw there involved us, unfortunately. Kevin and I were hitting on two REALLY hot ladies who we had never seen in there before.  So was just about every guy in the place.  As fate would have it they were using the table right next to the one we were using so it made it a little easier for us.  The ladies knew they were hot commodities there and were playing it for all they could.  After a while we noticed that they just kept trying to get guys to buy them drinks, they would dance a dance with them then move on to the next group, scoring another free drink.  I suppose that is how the game was played back then. “Can I buy you a drink?’ got its start somewhere, and these ladies were using that to their advantage.  We weren’t falling for that and after we ignored their hints they outright said that if we wanted them to keep talking to us we had better pony up a beverage or two.  Kevin and I just looked at each other and then back to them.  “If I thought it would get us a legitimate chance to get into your pants I would, but since you are playing games, I think we’ll pass”, he said.  I just smiled as he had verbalized what I was thinking at the time.  We turned away from them and continued to drink out beer. Next thing we know there are two HUGE guys grabbing us by the shoulder, yelling at us about how dare we call their sisters sluts.  Now at the time, I was a fighter, with anger issues, and this situation just screamed for me to go all off in return.  I must say that I was genuinely surprised at their appearance all up in our faces. Before I could decide anything, they decided it for us.  The one guy slugged Kevin.  He sort of saw it coming so it wasn’t a full blow, but it still hit him pretty hard.  On instinct I started to hit the guy who hit Kevin, which probably saved me as the guy in front of me had just swung at ME, only missing me because I was trying to hit the other guy.  The guy who swung at me was so off balance by missing that he knocked over out table and took out 3 or 4 people who were next to it.  I missed the guy I swung at as he too was a bit off balance after he swung and was falling as I tried to hit him.  Next thing I knew there were yellow shirts (the bouncers) all over me, Kevin, these 2 guys and the ladies.  The guys and ladies got thrown out the front.  Kevin and I got ushered out the back door, kind of roughly, but not as bad as it could have been had we not known most of the bouncers.  The head guy, who we were friendly with, told us he knew we didn’t start it but he did see me swing and the rules were anyone in a fight was out for a month.   Even for us he had to follow the rules or the other assholes would find out and bitch.  He also told us he would make sure the other 2 guys were ‘delayed’ up front so we could leave without any further incident.  So for the next month we killed our livers a bit more at the 4 AM joint instead.
The first bar fight I’ll tell you about later.

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