V for Vendetta in real time?

In recent history, if one were to look at the political parties, Republicans were the ones who would generally stand with law enforcement.  trust the law, respect authority, there are avenues to address any excessive force that MAY happen. Democrats (and yes, I know there are always exceptions both ways) were generally suspicious of police and in several major metro area, downright hostile to the police.  Minority politicians tended to be more vocal against, but in any major Democrat-controlled city, you had animosity against the police. Take for example new Your City, where the doofus mayor has done everything he can to neuter police enforcement.  He regularly shits on them, throws them under the bus, never backs them on anything.  During speeches members of the police union turned their backs on him while speaking.  Police are jackbooted thugs out to stomp on minorities, just because.
Current history with law enforcement relations is now all backwards, and I just don’t get it.  With all the lock down stuff going on, you have some mayors and governors (mostly Democrats) issuing some pretty extreme ‘social distancing’ orders, some that make zero sense. Don’t go outside, at all.  No more than 2 people in a car.  You can go to the grocery store, or buy pot, but liquor stores and gun stores are closed.  Churches?  Forget it, especially if you are Jewish.  However if you are Muslim, then DeBlasio will buy you food with tax money. To back all this up, these wannabe despots are ordering the police to back up their orders.  Strangely you have some police who seem to be relishing the opportunity to release their inner thug.  There are videos all over YouTube (before they take them down) and the internet showing cops being what could be described as ‘hard-asses’ about a lone person in a park, or surfing, or 2 kids playing together.  They seem to be enjoying it.  I saw a commercial for some Showtime show where one of the characters says something like “All man needs to be the monsters they truly are is to be told that they can.”  It feels in some cases that there are cops that just needed to be told that hey, you too can go bash some heads with your riot stick if they get out of line.  Just google it, there are videos everywhere..  Bars opening and being raided with SWAT teams and armored vehicles.  Salon owners being jailed for a week and fines $3500 when they are releasing drug dealers.
Am I being dramatic here?  Possibly.  However there ARE videos out there of cops doing just that. Why any cop in New York City would listen to ANY order the mayor gave them to harass fellow citizen is beyond me, but there seem to be a lot of them currently willing to do so.  Do they think when this is all over that the mayor will like them? Maybe if they continue to abuse the people the mayor doesn’t like.  More likely when this is over, police will go back to being treated as second class citizens by many Democratic politicians.  Will they then turn back to conservatives for support?  Bite our hands one time too many and you can go f*ck yourselves.  I can picture scenes right out of V for Vendetta happening in real life, where an over zealous cop, enforcing a distancing or stay at home order goes a bit to far, and the resulting mob ends up beating or killing a cop.  Then all hell will break loose.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=190&v=yrwTDfdck7I&feature=emb_logo
I don’t want that.  I am sure police don’t want that, or at least most police. it’s time for some of them to leash their inner demons before there is bloodshed.

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