Credit cards part 2

A few posts back I wrote about one of my fellow printshops charging extra to use a credit card. As much of a cheapskate as the owner here is, he realizes that credit cards are a part of doing business.  Oh he tried to nickel and dime the processors as much as he can, but he still takes them and doesn’t charge extra. he also doesn’t believe that nobody complained.  perhaps nobody TOLD him, but there has to be customers lost and so on because of it.

Before all this Chinese lung aides stuff hit, Mrs. TPoP and I used to go out to eat every Friday. With all our activities and other obligations, that is one of the few times we make to get out together.  We have a list of about 7 or 8 restaurants that we rotate thru.  There is one in the area called Jaimeson’s, which has some pretty good food.  Well just before all this stuff hit, on our last trip there, we noticed a sign that they were charging customers extra if they paid with a card.  We had already ordered and food was almost there before we realized it but once I saw it, I mentioned to the wife that this place was no longer on our list because of that.  She agreed. Perhaps the staff sensed that declaration as well because I have to say that the rest of that night the service was the shittiest it has even been.  We were forgotten on drinks, took forever to get our inflated bill, she was gone almost 10 minutes with the card to pay (we checked the credit religiously afterwards for a while, just in case) and they just seemed very unfriendly, which was totally opposite of every other experience there.

So, have any of you experienced a place or service, other than some gas stations, where they charged you extra to use a card?  And if so, did you stop using that company or do you keep going back?

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