So earlier this week, we got a phone call from a kid.  And I mean a kid, sounding like he was maybe 10 years old.  (Turns out he was 13, but still sounded like he was 10) He was inquiring about the cost of business cards.  So I asked him the same questions I ask everyone else.  What are you looking for, do you have a design in mind or already created, are you thinking black or full color, etc. Turns out he was looking to get cards for a lawn mowing business.  So I asked if it was for HIS lawn mowing business, he replied yes. He felt bad always asking his parents for money and wanted to earn his own.  I remembered being that age and doing just that myself.  I spent my birthday money and bought a riding mower and went and got about 7 or 8 houses in the neighborhood to mow.  It made me feel good that this kid wanted to actually work.  I know every generation has its good and bad, but this one in particular seems to have a rep of being lazy shits who want the government to take care of them.
So I told the kid that I would make him a deal.  I’ll run him 100 cards for free, because I liked that he wanted to work for his money.  I also told him that if he was successful and ran thru those 100, I would cut him a huge deal for the next batch. He was very excited on the phone and said thank you many times.  I had to get him to stop so I could get the information he wanted on there.  Once I had all that I told him to stop by the next day and pick up his cards. Bossman heard what I was saying and when I hung up he took the information and created the card himself.  I have to say for not being a designer he made a really good card for this kid. You can look at it and tell it is a kid doing this, but it still looks ‘professional’. He has learned a lot since he came here.  Once that was made we ran the kid’s cards and called him up.  He probably ended up with about 150, oh well.
Next day the kid arrives with his grandfather in tow. He was very shy and still sounded like a 10 year old, but you can tell he was determined.  he asked for me and when I told him that it was me he immediately said thank you again, before I even showed him the cards.  I grabbed them from the counter and handed them to him and he just beamed in pride. He turned and showed them to grandpa, all the while saying he couldn’t wait to start passing them out. The grandpa told us that he appreciated what we did for his grandkid and tried to offer us money for the cards.  We refused, told him he could buy the next batch if he is successful. The kid turned and said thanks again, then the left in a hurry with him eager to go make some money.  Good luck kid!

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