Credit cards

I currently work in a franchise printshop.  As part of our franchise agreement we are not allowed to demand minimums for credit card payments.  This has been an irritant many times when idiot people come in for 2 copies, and can’t seem to find $.20 anywhere in their car and hand me a f*cking debit card.  it is mostly younger kids, but there are many older adults that fall into that category.  It really pisses me off, and it isn’t even MY business.

I occasionally go to the area owner’s meetings they have 4 times a year out here.  I have gotten to know most of the area owners, some better than others. I also got to know one of the bigger assholes in the system due to a few different interactions.  During one of these meetings, an owner brought up the minimum charge thing and asked if there would/could be any change there.  The answer was pretty much no, but they did let it slip that you can add a fee for using a card if you want. OK, now I am conflicted.  Accepting credit cards is a part of doing business.  but I would really like to stick it to the idiots who don’t even have a buck on them.  Well the asshole owner chimes in “I have been charging any and every one of my customers a 3% fee for using a card for years now and not one person has complained”.  I made the mistake of saying ‘I don’t believe that shit for a second’ just a little too loud and several people heard it.  The discussion got a bit out of hand for a bit and then we moved on to another topic.

Fast forward several months later, I have a customer that has a past due invoice now for months.  They are never late.  I finally get them on the phone and they insist that they have paid, and even send me a cancelled check to prove it.  Only problem is the cancelled check is made out to another store in our system, the one belonging to the asshole.  Well as far as they are concerned, they paid and are done with it, so first I try calling said asshole to get him to send us the money.  I am going to shorten this part but we must have talked about 10 times over the next 2 months with him promising to send it and then never doing it.  We finally got pissed and told the customer that THEY had to pay US, and then go and get the money back from the asshole who cashed it with out an invoice to apply it to, otherwise we would be sending them to collections.  We had enough.  Well they then called the asshole store and I am guessing demanded or threatened him somehow as he called us up in a huff and said that he wanted to take care of it now.  he said ‘let me know when you are ready and I’ll give you my credit card’.  I paused, not believing the opportunity that was just handed to me. I literally paused long enough for him to wonder if I was still there as he said hello to check.  I snapped out of it and said ‘Sorry, still here.  I’ll be happy to take your card plus a 3% fee when you are ready”.  Well, he didn’t pause anywhere near as long as I did before he said ‘F*ck you, I’ll send you a check today” and then hung up.  I felt good.  Oh, and we did get a check about a week later, so there is that.

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