Power corrupts

Politics is a strange animal.  I am convinced that many people get into politics, on a local level, for purely altruistic reasons.  They want to do good, help their community, etc. There are also a good chunk of people who once there become petty tyrants, using powers real and imagined to push their will onto an unsuspecting public.  ‘I know better’ is probably a common thought among those types. And it only gets worse the higher up they go.

Government can also be petty to voters from the ‘other side’.  Or just to voters in general.  I hark back to the government shutdowns during the Obama administration.  With the budget stalled, non-essential functions were curtailed.  So what did they do?  Go right for parks, the things people actually use. They even shut down White House tours, which were run by volunteers, costing nothing, just ‘because’.  Dammit if you won’t give them money they will make YOU feel the pain!  This happens even locally.  Cook County had a budget issue so they too went right for closing the parks.  NOT laying off the hundreds of extra workers hired because they have an uncle who has a friend who donated to the mayor or something.  Nope, they went right for what the average person would feel, just to piss you off.

Now this part I say with mixed thoughts, but I believe in some places it is along the same lines.  During this Covid-Chinese Lung Aides crap, you have a lot of places that are issuing stay at home orders, or suggestions. Social distancing is the norm.  As a result you have tons of people sitting at home, not working, and going stir crazy.  So they walk the dog or go for walks themselves, maintaining a healthy distance. We’ve all seen or heard the stories where police in Michigan arrested a man in front of his daughter for playing catch in the park.  They were alone, but still arrested.  A guy who was paddle boarding out in an empty bay had cops in boats descend upon him like locusts because he dared have fun. In Michigan the tyrant is really coming out as the leader there has decided that since you are stuck at home, how DARE you do home improvements and stuff and ordered Home Depot and such to stop selling anything SHE deemed non-essential.  Hell, just to be a dick,  Los Angeles spent the time, effort and money to fill the Venice Skate Park with sand,m because some people were skating there. All these people are maintaining more distance than those who are in ‘essential’ businesses such as pot dispensaries or liquor stores.  Hell, the mayor of Chattanooga SPECIFICALLY decided that he was going to ban drive up church services, despite the fact that people stayed in their cards AND were several feet apart.  Yet, has no problems with packed grocery store lots. At least he is getting sued for that.  I genuinely hope they prevail.

All over you see cases where leadership and tough decisions are needed.  Some leaders are stepping up to the task, others are not.  However some are going way over the line and letting their inner tyrant fly.  Some people may need to be reminded that they are not kings, but elected officials. And there is a limit to what they can or can’t order you to do. All I can say is don’t be surprised if the tar and feathers soon come out.  They just may be ‘essential’.

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