“Mommy, you’ll get arrested!”

A while ago I made a post where a little girl was crying and shaming her mom because she tried to leave her empty coffee cup on a store shelf instead of having the decency to put it in a trash can.  Well, it has happened again, a kid with more sense than the parent.

Enter Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38.  Both are doctors in Florida.  Seems they were out for a little drive in their golf cart with the kids when they spotted a Trump flag that just offended them so much that they HAD to do something about it.  They were going to steal that sign. So they drove up and got out of the cart and decided to steal the sign.  They got a ladder from somewhere (did they ‘borrow’ that as well or bring it with?) and proceeded to remove the flag.  It was all captured on a Ring video, which you can see at this link here.  According to the homeowner, they did $500 of damage to the flag pole and area around the base.  it doesn’t describe it in detail but you can probably assume they scratched up the pole, cut or damaged the line and pulley and probably trampled any plants that were around the flag pole. The homeowner wants to press charges and the couple was already released.  no information how much it cost them, but history shows it probably wasn’t much.  We’ll see if charges ever get filed or if some sympathetic DA declines.

But the part I was referencing you can see in the video at the second link.  One of their own kids realized that his mom and dad were doing something bad and was pleading with them to stop. ‘You’ll go to jail!’ he cried.  But their TDS was just too strong and they failed to heed the wise words coming from their spawn and got caught doing bad.

This SHOULD be a case where a judge makes an example out of them.  Slaps them with a huge fine and perhaps alternating jail terms of a week or two.  Then publicly shames them for being self-centered assholes and being bad role models to their children.  I’ll try and keep checking to see if anything happens to them, keeping my fingers crossed that they get some true justice up side their heads.

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