Have you ever been on the radio?

So first I have a bit of a backstory here.  Back in 1991, shortly after I got married, I also got laid off.  My job got eliminated and they decided to move the factory to Mexico.  Awesome.  So I am home for some time.  We used to listen to a DJ out here in the morning named Jonathan Brandmeier on The Loop. Morning radio programs were all the rage and he was one of the better ones in the Chicago area. His show producer was named Jimmy Bud Weiser and he was one of the people you talked to if you called in.

So one morning we are listening to his show while Mrs. TPoP is getting ready for work.  She still worked in an office at that time instead of at home like now.  Johnny B, as he was known, was hosting a trip to Jamaica and giving away trips.  So of course we listened to see if we could win one. As I am laying in bed still listening to the show, he reads a fax he got from a woman.  She said that she was pregnant and driving her husband nuts, could he send HER husband to Jamaica with a female listener.  She didn’t mind.  I’m laying there thinking yeah, that would work, when all of a sudden Mrs. TPoP comes running into the room yelling “Can I go?”  I’m still half asleep wondering WTF is on her mind! So I just mutter “sure, if you can get thru, go for it.”  Next thing I know she is on the phone and Jimmy answers (she had it on speaker).  She tells him ‘My husband says I can go to Jamaica with that pregnant women’s husband.” There is silence on the line for a moment and then he says “what?”  So she repeats it, he verifies that she is married and then says ‘hold on’.  About 2 minutes later she on the radio and 10 minutes later she is awarded a trip to Jamaica.  Without me.

Now leading up to the trip we meet the couple at their house.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, we hung out for a few hours and that was that.  About a week before the trip, wife starts getting nervous.  She hasn’t been out of the country before, it finally hits here she is going on a trip with a strange guy, she is not the most social person in the world, etc.  But the day arrives, limo picks her up and off she goes.

I get a call about a day and a half in and she is sort of crying.  I’m thinking oh great, I am gonna have to kill this guy when they get back.  Turns out the opposite is true.  He went so far out of his way to not do anything wrong that he was completely ignoring her. Turns out there was another woman who won a trip who ended up bringing her brother, so the 2 guys shared a room and wife stayed with the other woman.  So he ignored her even more, and for some reason that bothered her.  Plus she wanted me to get a plane ticket and come down there.  Yeah, been unemployed for 3 months, we don’t have that kind of cash and the price of a last second plane ticket would be astronomical.  She was gonna have to deal with it.  Well deal with it she did and by the end of the trip she had some fun.

So one of the conditions of winning was after the trip each couple had to come into the station for an interview.  One of Johnny B’s big things was a ‘voice-stress analyzer’ that he had a guy give people to determine if they were lying or not.  So the two of us went off to the show, met the other coupe there and ended up on the air with Johnny B.  He spent at least 15 minutes grilling the two of them, making jokes and doing this thing.  Then they each left to do the voice thing and he talked with me and the pregnant woman.  He asked us each what we did while our spouses were gone.  She said she did nothing but work on the upcoming kid’s room.  He kept asking if the two of us had got together while our spouses were out of the country.  We played it up for a moment and just looked at each other and smiled. He laughed at that. I told him that I spent most of the time visiting my brother at SIU hitting the bars.  He looks at me with a grin and says “Maybe we should give YOU the voice stress analyzer”.  I just say maybe we shouldn’t.

Thankfully everyone came back in just then and they played around with it for 10 more minutes before declaring that they were truthful, nothing happened, etc.  We were thanked, ushered out, got to meet the news guy for a moment as we passed him and then left. So that was my one and only real radio experience. We were invited back for his year end breakfast banquet where he invited about 100 people who had been on the show over the year and did a love broadcast from the hall, but we didn’t make it on the air that time.

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