What day is it?

This damn virus thing has got me all messed up.  I am still trying to keep my Monday/Thursday posting but I swear I keep forgetting what day it is with me only working 3 days a week for now. First, a me update.  Like I just mentioned, I am still open for business, but we are working shorter hours.  We are also trading days.  So I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday while Bossman works Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This way we can do deliveries, if needed, on Wednesday, or schedule our large format projects for that day, since it is in the basement.  Kinda hard to do those jobs if you are there by yourself.  Work is slower, but we are still working.  Most of the businesses I talk to still seem upbeat and fairly confident that if this lock down crap ends soon that things will pick back up right where it left off.  So businesses are still ordering, albeit smaller quantities for now.  So that is good.

Home is fine as well, for now.  We haven’t really taken any extra precautions except the distancing stuff.  We are good on food and TP.  For once my natural prepper tendencies worked to my advantage.  We did have to send some TP to son #1 out on South Carolina.  He had been there for almost 2 weeks and has been unable to purchase any.  That and milk he says are hard to get where he is at.  So we sent a care package.

Also time for a BIL update.  There isn’t any real thing to update.  He had a therapist appointment about 10 days ago.  It was decided that we NOT tell him about it beforehand, since the last 3 times he has had anything like that scheduled, he had backslid massively a few days before.  Like he was trying to screw it up, consciously or unconsciously.  So he met with the therapist and it went pretty much how we thought it would go.  He is in total denial, kept telling the therapist he was fine and not depressed.  He is very lucky that his brother was there and not me because I would have jumped up, bitch-slapped him across the face and demanded to know that if he was so ‘fine’ why the hell couldn’t he take a damn shower without constant badgering.  The only upside to the visit was that it had to happen before he could see the psychiatrist, who hopefully will up his meds or something.  The downside to the visit is since then, he has refuse to take a shower and really only eats and goes to the bathroom.  He just sits in a chair all day and watchesd old TV reruns.  We can only hope that an increase in the anti-depressant meds will give him at least a little motivation to do something.  Hell to do ANYTHING.  It makes me sad and pissed at the same time to see him wasting away like this.

This weekend we should have his townhouse here cleaned out of garbage and whatever we don’t want to stay for ‘staging’. Half my garage is stuff from his place that we will try and garage sale in the near future. Then we will have a painter come in and paint the living room and all the stairs (he has a TON of stairs!), as they have a lot of scuff marks on them. Then a carpet cleaning and up it goes for sale.  Anyone want a nice 2.5 bedroom townhouse?  It has 2 HUGE rooms and a third smaller room downstairs for an office.  Plus a 2 car garage.  Just let me know….

I hope all of you are safe during this Chinese Wuhan virus thing. Hopefully we get back to work soon so I can get some new printer stories for you.  Also trying to find a way I can tell more college stories without pissing off Mrs. TPoP, as most of them involve women.  Be safe!

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