Luxury worries

When the world around you is doing fine, and you have no worries, some people just look for things to offend them.  Enter crossword puzzles!

Yes, crossword puzzles.  It seems there is a growing movement among feminists and SJW asshats to be offended by clues or words because they represent men, or just because.  Just look at this word-salad quote pulled from the article:

“Because women are underrepresented in puzzle content and creation. Clues and answers that are stereotypically masculine are “general interest;” clues and answers that are stereotypically feminine are “niche” or “obscure” … We’re so far from [parity] that a few puzzles with exclusively women’s names wouldn’t get us there … [and feminism here means] “we acknowledge the systemic forces that threaten women, we speak up when we see those forces represented in crosswords, and we call on our community to do better.”

You know, according to these type of people, if women are under-represented in a group or profession, that is a bad thing.  However you never hear them complain about women being OVER represented in a profession.  Like teachers, or social workers.

They complain that clues and answers they submit are refused.  “Constructors constantly argue with editors that their culture is puzzle-worthy, only to hear feedback greased by bias, and occasionally outright sexism or racism. (Publications are anonymized in the editor feedback that follows.) MARIE KONDO wouldn’t be familiar enough “to most solvers, especially with that unusual last name.” GAY EROTICA is an “envelope-pusher that risks solver reactions.” (According to XWord Info, a blog that tracks crossword statistics, EROTICA has appeared in the New York Times puzzle, as one example, more than 40 times since 1950.) BLACK GIRLS ROCK “might elicit unfavorable responses.” FLAVOR FLAV, in a puzzle I wrote, earned a minus sign.”  Well Duh!  While you want to make puzzles a little hard, most of the people doing the actual puzzles probably wouldn’t have a clue who the hell Marie Kondo is.  Play to your audience.

These type of complaint are luxury values.  When things are good you can complain about how when the clue of ‘a fastball to the head of a batter, informally’ and an answer of ‘beaner’ is ‘racially insensitive’ because beaner is sometimes used to refer to Mexicans. You can afford to look for things to be offended about, regard less of how many twists and turns you have to take to get there.

But you know what?  Nobody really cares except you and the mentally damaged individuals like yourself.  Everyone else just goes along to try and get you to shut the f*ck up. Same goes for personal pronouns.  I might call you ‘they’ or ‘Xir;’ just to get you to shut up, but I really don’t care and if you push it too far the only pronoun you will be called is ASSHOLE. That’s pretty gender neutral and really fits.


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