Well, I hope you are all surviving this Chinese stupid-ass virus going around.  Illinois here just got put on lockdown and non essential businesses are ordered closed.  Not sure if it includes printing as we do stuff for restaurants and the like that ARE open.  We’ll see.  Anyway, here is a story I shared Friday on Facebook.

So after news of this upcoming lock-down hit, I stopped at Mariano’s out here to get a few things.  We are pretty good here most of the time.  I have some prepper tendencies and make sure that we are always well stocked of things that won’t go bad or have a long shelf life. Boxes of mac n cheese, spaghetti and can goods are here, plus a full freezer, so we won’t go hungry.  I just needed to fill in some stuff.  I don’t normally stock bread and such, so went to get some bread or buns that I can freeze, some fresh stuff for at least this week and maybe some ice cream.

Having procured all the goods, I went to wait in the massive lines like everyone else. There is an unopened register to my right, but most of the other ones are open.  An employee comes out and starts walking to the register to open it, and he taps my cart and the cart of a guy in the line to the right and says ‘You two, come to this line first”.  So we both proceed to go to the now opened line.  Well we both got there at the same time and our carts bumped into each other.  Time for ROAD RAGE!!!!!  Nope, sorry.  I backed up slightly and started to motion for the guy to go ahead.  I really wasn’t in a hurry.  But before I could say go ahead, he looked at me and says “Rochambeau?”.  I just stated for a moment and then it hit me.  He was referring to Rock Paper Scissors!  So I said back “Rock paper scissors?”  He replied “Yeah, 1-2-3 then go, ok?”  So I said sure.  I can see people around us looking at us like we are crazy.  He then says “1-2-3-go!”  Let me just say that my scissors won.  The other guy backed his cart up and did a slight bow and motion forward with his arm, while I said thank you and went forward. “Nice game” he replied and lined up behind me.  The cashier just smiled as he was ringing up my groceries and said he had never seen that before.  Well, neither have I.

The conditions in the store were not great, they were out of a lot of stuff.  There weren’t too many people with carts full of one or two items, but there was no bread, TP, hamburger, frozen pizzas (unless you wanted California Style, they had lots of those) or cheap meats like chicken.  But nobody was ramming carts or running around like the world was gonna end any second.  Faith in humanity slightly restored.

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