OK, I am taking this week off blogging here due to this virus crap.  With all the shutdowns and ‘social distancing’ going on, I am fortunate enough to still be working. In fact, I was working most of the weekend making copies for local school districts to hand out to students when they shut schools today for the next 2 weeks. And I have even more copies along those lines to make for other school districts and then will be starting on the copies for the next 2 weeks, just in case.  We’ll make some good coin here but have these machines running non stop is taking a toll.  I have had no time to write this weekend.  I have 3 posts about half written and 3 or 4 more in the idea stage, but life butted in hard.

Please go buy some food, but don’t be one of THOSE assholes who grabs everything because they are scared shitless.  This will pass.  Buy what you need.  Buy 2 weeks worth.  Don’t buy 3 months worth, that makes you an asshole.  Check on family, friends, neighbors and people who are older or perhaps sick. make sure they are OK.  Help them when you can.  Don’t be one of THOSE either.

I’ll be back next week, hopefully with funny stuff, or at least things that happened to me that might be funny to you.  I thank all of you for reading when you can.  I would write this stuff even if nobody read it.  It is good therapy for my anger, plus gets some of my stories out here for my boys to know when I eventually pass. Be well!

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