What does it take to be kept in jail?

You want to know why we have gun problems?  THIS is why we have gun problems.  Steven Michael Lincoln, 25, a convicted felon from Ham Lake, isn’t allowed to carry guns.  However he seems to keep getting himself arrested, with guns, and yet finding himself back on the street. How does this happen?
From the story:  A loaded gun, a ballistic vest, multiple magazines and 18 rounds of loose ammunition.

That’s what police say they discovered inside a vehicle parked in an alley in the 1000 block of Beech Street in St. Paul last Saturday night.

The man in the driver’s seat has been arrested four times since September. Each time officers found firearms, say court records, which detail just three of the arrests.

So 4 times in less than a year he is arrested and found to be illegally in possession of guns.  Yet he isn’t in jail?  And this was before that crap in New York where they are releasing people with no bail for almost everything. WTF!
In the first, officers pulled him over Sept. 13 after noting that his vehicle’s windows were illegally tinted and found multiple bags of marijuana, as well as two loaded handguns, inside, charges say.
So guns AND drugs.  Should be in jail.  But he isn’t.

He was picked up again Oct. 7 on a warrant from the previous incident after officers found him working on his vehicle at a White Bear Lake address.

While searching him, police discovered a small bag of methamphetamine in his pocket and a handgun on his waist, court documents say. A loaded handgun also was reportedly found in his vehicle.


So more guns and worse drug this time. Surely this one will land him in jail for a while before he commits more crimes, right?

Lincoln, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, posted bond in October and was released from custody.
So 4 times this waste of air has been arrested and in possession of firearms illegally as well as other crimes such as drug possession.  And each time he is back on the street.  Now I am not arguing against bail.  Maybe after the second one, or surely the third, there should be no bail.  Or bail set high enough that he can’t make it since he is an obvious menace to society.
If you want to impact gun violence, ENFORCE THE RULES YOU HAVE NOW!  Don’t waste your time charging the single mom who didn’t realize her concealed carry permit didn’t work across state borders, give her a ticket and send her on her way.  But no, that is the person anti-gun DA’s try to f*ck up the most, charging them to the hilt making them either have to spends 6 figures defending themselves or take a plea deal.  They ignore all the real causes of the gun violence such as this guy.  No money to be made here, no headlines for taking a gun off the street. The AG of Minnesota is Keith Ellison.  You are not going to find many AG’s who are more anti-gun than he is, so this makes no sense.  Unless he needs the crime stats to bolster his cries for the need of more gun control.

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