The personal is politics

I have been trying to write this post for a few months now and just can’t come up with a good way to say it.  I started this several times and abandoned the idea, only to come back after I see yet another example.  So this may not be the best post I will ever make but it is a topic that bugs me.
There is a line you may have heard before that says ‘the personal is politics’.  Lately you seem to get a lot of politics injected in places where it really shouldn’t be.  Have you ever heard of the Hugo Awards?  If you are a sci-fi reader you probably have.  They are the awards that are given out to sci-fi stories every year for various things.  Well over the years, it got political, and the awards started being denied to ‘straight, white authors’ in favor of POC authors, regardless of how good or bad the stories were.  You were also supposed to ‘stay in your lane’.  If you were a straight, white male author, don’t you dare have a black female hero in your story, you can’t write about that since you haven’t lived that.  Well there was a group of authors who tried to take back the awards and nominate writers who deserved to be there because they had good stories, not because they were gay or a Chinese tranny.  They named their group the Sad Puppies , thinking nobody could have a sad puppy!  Oh but they were wrong.  The SJW’s that had taken over the Hugo awards were livid and did everything they could to disrupt it. The Sad Puppies slate was actually very diverse, having writers of all races and sexual orientations, but that didn’t stop the SJWs from branding anyone supported by the Sad Puppies as being racist, sexist and any other ‘ist’ you can think of. JUST because they were endorsed by the Sad Puppies.  Guilt by association.  For a few years the Sad puppies writers won most of the awards, as they actually had good stories.  Lately the SJWs found out that they can jigger the awards by a procedure to end up not giving any award for a particular category and you now end up with maybe a third of the awards going to nobody.   Certain writers are shunned by the SJWs, like Orson Scott Card and Larry Correia.  And if you are friends with those two, look out!  Guilt by association!
You see this play out in politics everywhere.  England is not immune to it.  All it takes is one guy in Boris Johnson’s cabinet to like a product, something as innocent as TEA, and the SJW’s go ape-shit about it, threatening to boycott the tea brand and talk shit about it.  The tea company didn’t seek an endorsement nor have they ever taken any political sides, but because a political enemy actually likes the tea, they want to end that tea company. “Being endorsed by the @Conservatives is not a good look.  Thankfully there are other teas” is a pretty common twitter complaint about it.  Well shit, if the conservatives said they likes breathing would all you assholes just hold your breath and refuse to take another until air renounces them? The crazy extremes some people go to make every and anything political is almost mind boggling. Almost.
You see this in current politics in regards to anything Trump.  You praise anything he says or does, you are a Nazi scum who deserves to be cancelled!  Your sports team just won the league championship?  Better not go visit the White House, that would be endorsing Trump!  Guilty by association! Forget about wearing a MAGA hat, to the SJWs you would be beyond redemption.  So how come that isn’t reversed? Democrats seem to pal around with a lot of unsavory characters and yet they rarely get tarred with the guilt by association.  Bernie bro James Hodgkinson tried to kill Steve Scalise and a bunch of other Republicans, not one once of blow back went Bernie’s way.  Democratic politicians in many areas support Antifa, until they get violent, and then they are silent.  They are also not guilty by association to the very thugs they were supporting.
This is where I lose it, I just can’t find a way to tie this all up.  I am very conservative as well as libertarian in my principles, and all I want is consistency. If you didn’t know it yet, I am a Trump voter.  I am a partial fan (I think he is a blowhard) and I like many of the things he has done. I am glad they are appointing judges, trying to drain the swamp and eliminating some regulations. If you want to brand me a Nazi by association, go right ahead.  I truly don’t care.  Just note that if you are a supporter of Antifa, I will call you the fascist that they are and you will be forever tarred by that association to me.

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