BiL weekend update

OK, very late posting here but I wanted to keep it on Mondays/Thursdays as long as I can.  Today you get a quick recap of the weekend.
For the first day, wife and I met with a realtor and looked at several houses.  it is always exciting, sort of like car shopping at least until you get down to actually buying them.  We saw a few that we really liked and several that were good, a few that were just not for us.  The very first house we saw had a beautiful floor plan, HUGE open concept living/kitchen/dining area with an island bigger than my current kitchen table.  It had ceramic tiles on the floors that were awesome and the bedrooms all had more than enough room.  However it was, as the wife put it, away from civilization.  it was kinda out there in the country, the roads were 2 lane paved, but barely.  too country for her.  it didn’t fit me either, but more for the impending future costs of maintenance. However we are not ready to buy yet so it was a good experience pairing real life against the online photos.   We also toured a few other neighborhoods to check out in the future.
However the day of dread was Friday.  We went out to go visit the BiL.  We get there around 1-ish and he was just sitting in a chair, watching TV.  He had not eaten anything all day, refused to, saying he wasn’t hungry.  He also only took a shower because he was badgered to.  he did break out into the BiL of old for a bit when I started talking to him about the Cubs, and baseball in general, as well as the Blackhawks.  For about 20 minutes the conversation was just like old times.  Then I talked him into going out to eat with us.  We went to a BBQ place and he ate it all. He usually responded well to me, not sure why. When we got back to the house, it was time to talk.  He still seems to think that not much is wrong, despite his complete lack of enthusiasm for just about anything.  He just watches TV.  At least he gets up to use the bathroom without prompting.  After an hour of talking, pleading, yelling and everything in between he still thought that he was going to live by himself.  We are of the belief that his OD back in May has limited his cognitive abilities to where he is never going to be a functional human again, at least not to the level of being able to take care of himself without major supervision.  A little more talking and he sort of agrees with us.
So while we went there hoping for a resolution, we didn’t get anything concrete.  However we do believe that he will be living with wife and myself for the rest of his life.  Wife not happy.  Hell, I’m not happy.  So we have been planning and if this is going to happen, he will be in an in-law apartment on the back of our garage or something, his own entrance and stuff so he can ‘live by himself’, but we can check on him every day and make sure he takes his meds and so on.  Much to his dismay he will NOT be living in OUR house.  One of us will beat him senseless if that’s the case, so not happening.  He has the money to pay for the space, and we’ll contract a maid service and stuff to keep his place, and him, clean. ideally, to keep from offending most zoning laws, having his space added onto the back of a detached garage makes the most sense.  In that case, he can pay for my garage.  Still not going to be fun.  So if we’re cranky, that’s why. Also cranky because we hoped that enticing the other brother with a large chunk of BiL’s money to help pay for things would lean them towards taking him, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
The rest of the trip was OK,  #1 son found a townhouse to rent and his girlfriend got two job offers so they are ready to go at the end of March.  Flights were uneventful, except that as usual we were at the farthest gate possible for just about every trip.  One leg we were about 2/3 the way down instead of all the way down.  ugh.  I did more walking at the airport than I did the rest of the trip.  OK, I need another day to decompress after that trip, get head straight, get anger channeled, and then I can get back to good posts.

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