BIL Update

By the time you read this I will be in South Carolina.  No, not for good, just for the week.  We have a lot scheduled to get into 3.5 days.  Today has us meeting with a real estate agent.  The goal here is to establish a relationship for when we are ready in a few months.  We also want to visit 5 or 6 different places so we can check out the neighborhoods as well as finally seeing how the online pictures match up with real life.  Sometimes you see the pictures and a room looks HUGE and sometimes you see it and the hallway looks like it might be only 2 feet wide.  We gave her a good cross section of houses so hopefully that will help us when we really have to decided.  Prices are cheap compared to here.  One of the ones we are looking at is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a half acre lot, $145k.  It’s a brick house, trees along the one side and back property line and has a nice cement area out back for a deck, complete with built in firepit. The killer is the taxes are only $945 per year! I would save almost $5k a year just in that.
Friday will be the fun day, meeting with brother in law and the other brother.  Right now BIL is sort of in a holding pattern.  He is out of the rehab place and can walk and stuff, but is right back to where he was when this all began about a year ago. He has no motivation to do ANYTHING by himself, he has to be told, sometimes multiple times. We are afraid that this may be the best he ever gets going forward.  So on Friday we need to decide how far we think he can progress and what we are going to do in each situation.  He could go back to the place in Nashville.  That costs a boatload of money, but if it will work, who cares.  Most likely he will end up living with wife and I like a sibling taking care of a Down’s Syndrome brother.  If that’s the case, then his money will buy his own rooms on the back of whatever we get so we can have SOME privacy.  And he has enough we can do maid service and such to keep him clean.  Or there could be some other option we haven’t thought of yet.  That’s what the day will be for.  Not looking forward to that, but if we have any kind of resolution, it will be worth it.  We also have to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding selling his house and probably his car as well.  Anyone want a 3 bedroom townhouse by the Joliet mall?  I’ll make you a sweet deal.
Saturday we are going to be hanging out with son #1.  Him and his girlfriend are moving to South Carolina at the end of March and are apartment shopping and she is doing 2 job interviews!  So we’ll get to see the Greenville area a bit and help them look at apartments. The night will be open for just hanging out.  Hopefully a stress free day.
Sunday has us probably going back to see BIL before we take off to come home.  Out flight is mid afternoon so we have no rush.  Perhaps we can clear up any last minute questions about future plans.  The move is going to happen, but right now I am experiencing all sorts of emotions over it.  I am not normally that emotional, but I have family and friends I am going to miss.  my brother and I, who never really got along as kids became close in our adult lives and I will miss that.  I have friends I bowl with that I will miss, friends who play poker at my house I will miss, friends in my BNI group I will miss and a few people I went to high school with that i still see that I will miss. Not that I can’t make friends, hell i talk enough I can make friends with just about anybody.  but I have good ones now that I will miss.  I still think a move is the right choice for me and my family, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt a bit…

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