After the Montero…

After the Montero I went thru a few different cars for my work, while also having personal cars.  For work I had a Dodge Dakota, a PT Cruiser and a Chevy HHR.  None of those were very remarkable except for one quirk in the HHR.  If you put down just the back windows while driving, the whole car vibrated like it was going to fall apart. It just hummed and vibrated.  Very weird.

Personal cars were quite a mix during these times.  I bought a 1998 Dodge Spirit from a nun that used to live behind me.  Cost me $1000, figured I could use it for local driving.  However after a few months I really hated the seat so I sold that to my brother, who needed a car. I then bought a 1998 Thunderbird from my parents. I liked that car as it had a big V8 engine in it and was deceptively fast. I left rubber on the road often while I had that one. I traded that in a while later and ended up with a Mitsubish Galant.  I researched the crap out of that car and every publication said it was a great car as far as running, but pretty plain in looks.  I didn’t care, I needed reliability so it won.

The car was pretty good until that fateful day… On my way to work one day I could hear a noise coming from the front.  Sound like my tire or something.  I am driving down the expressway so I decide to get off the major road and pull over to look. Once again, I get out and act like I know what I am doing.  I grab the tires, they don’t move.  I open the hood and can’t see anything out of the ordinary. So I get back in and decide to take back roads the rest of the way. I still hear the noise and just decide that I will stop at a repair shop that is a customer of mine about 2 miles up the road.  Then it happened.  All of a sudden the car drops down and I hear a scraping sound that was like nails on a chalkboard. I grab the wheel as my car is sliding on the road and then I see my front left  tire rolling down the road, no longer on my car! I managed to get my car off to the side of the road as I watch my tire roll down the road, bouncing and rolling right towards a car coming the other way. I see my tire bounce, hit the hood of the oncoming car, roll up the windshield and then launch itself sideways into the swamp on the side of the road.

As I sat there watching this happen in slow motion I expected the other car to stop, since I am sure there was a huge dent in the hood, but it didn’t.  I have no idea why.  A few hundred bucks for a tow truck, and new wheel and front wheel assembly, I had my car back, but still no idea why my tire decided it didn’t like being on my car anymore and killed itself by launching itself into the swamp.

A year later, on our way home from my parents house I ended up driving thru several large puddles of water.  Puddles was probably an understatement.  The result was I burned out several sensors under the gas tank, so $600 to fix those as well as an oil change.  Then 1 week after I get it back, a Prius decided it wanted to be a spare tire and ran into the back of my car ending up in the trunk, totaling it. I think I will stay away from Mitsubishi from now on.  They seem to just cost me money.

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