Common sense is not too common, it seems.

So what the hell is wrong with schools?  You have all these teachers and administrators, who are supposed to be sooo smart, yet they are constantly displaying how stupid they are.  And I don’t mean in basic knowledge of mathematics or anything like that, I just mean in that stupid phrase we all use, ‘common sense’.
Common sense would tell you that a 6 year old girl with Downs Syndrome making a finger gun is NOT a threat.  You would agree with that, I would agree with that, just about ANYONE would agree with that.  Except for Rebecca Wills, principal of the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District .  When it was reported that the 6 year old did this, it was brought to her attention. She quickly determined that there was no threat, but followed thru with district protocol anyway and convened a ‘Threat Assessment team’. The team also decided there was no threat, but yet called the police!  WHY?  Why the hell did you call the police on a 6 year old Downs Syndrome girl who posed no threat?  Because you are fucking STUPID!
What makes things like this worse is that for every case of the above happening, you have the complete opposite happening elsewhere.  Broward County Florida, you have a kid who was in trouble with the school, as well as the police, multiple times. He was known the be violent, known to cause trouble, believed to have made credible threats, and yet the school administrators, and police, just ignored things as much as they could.  When forced to deal with him they just shuffled him from facility to facility instead of treating the situation with the seriousness that it deserved. As a result you had the Parkland Shooting by Nicholas Cruz, who by all accounts should have either been locked up somewhere before this could have happened or given the mental help and supervision he needed. 17 people died that day because the supposedly smart people in this situation were anything but smart. Instead they will call the cops on a mentally challenged 6 year old. If you think this is an isolated set of circumstances, check out the links in the article I linked to.  In it, Bearing Arms noted, “This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a student’s finger gun land them in trouble. In 2019, a middle school student in Kansas faced felony charges after making a finger gun in class, while students in the same school district who brought actual firearms to school were charged with misdemeanors.”
So, why are educators so lacking in the very common sense they demand of everyone else?

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