Lego Wall!

I have a customer of mine who owns a Lego store.  Not an ‘official’ Lego store but he buys and sells used Legos as well as new sets and has a room for parties and so on. In fact, I even had my 53rd birthday party at his store.  I didn’t tell anyone but my wife and had them all meet me at the Mexican restaurant next door.  Then we went to play with legos instead!  He has a track set up in the party room just like the old Pinewood Derby tracks in my Cub Scout days.  So for 2.5 hours we just built cars and then raced them bracket style.  I won every race except the very last one.  We did 3 brackets, and I changed my car each time and still won.  Then after the last bracket I just left mine alone and challenged everyone else to beat mine.  20 races later Mrs. TPoP FINALLY managed to beat me, but .05 of a second.  Nice job!

But I am going to tell you a quick funny story about his store.  Just the other day he apparently got a call from someone who said that they wanted to build a wall, about 4 feet high and 8 feet in length.  So he took out his calculator and started doing some numbers.  he then tells the guy “OK, you will have to make it at least 5 bricks wide to have any stability.  To do it in that size would cost you about $6000.”  He says the guy started screaming. “Why so many bricks?” He told him that Lego were pretty small and that was a conservative estimate.  And if he wanted them all the same color he would have to order some and it would take a week or two. “Wait, Lego bricks? Not regular bricks?”, the customer says.   Um, no, Lego bricks.  “I looked you up on line, your name says Bricks and Minifigs…… oh, didn’t notice the last word.  Shit!” and then he hung up.  So, if you need a 4′ x 8′ wall of Legos, let me know, I gotta guy.

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