They missed the real insult.

So there is this story from Miami where a guy who has previously identified as a ‘white Hispanic’ used that designation to help him become a police officer.  As he was moving up the ranks he decided that he was now black. Bringing up the old ‘one drop’ rule he claims he is black and wants to use that to help in his promotion.

” Miami Police Capt. Javier Ortiz, who is Cuban-American, appeared Friday to defend himself in front of city commissioners at a meeting on racial equality in the department after Sgt. Stanley Jean-Poix, president of Miami’s Community Police Benevolent Association, accused him of having identified as black on police promotional exams. “It’s an insult to African-Americans that you would use our race to get an advantage on the exam so that way you could get promoted,” said Jean-Poix.

So, he is insulted that someone NOT black is trying to say that they ARE black to increase their chances of promotion.  What he SHOULD be mad at is that race is considered at all instead of just ability.  He should be insulted that the higher powers think that blacks can’t make it in promotions without help. That is the real insult.

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