5th+ cars

I posted some stories about my various cars when I first started driving.  My fourth car, my first new one, Was a 1988 Dodge Daytona Turbo.  Awesome car.  However after that I had a string of cars that were fine vehicles, but had very little interesting stories to go along with them.

When the Daytona was just under 100k, I traded it in for a used Pontiac Sunbird.  It was red with a V6 and was actually pretty fast.  After that I ended up with the wife’s Cavelier when we got a Dodge Caravan, we had a Dodge Stratus and for about 6 months I had a Ford Ranger.  Had to trade that in for the van since son #1 was on the way.

After several years at my job, I got a company car for a bonus. We went shopping and I ended up with a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. I had seen one once on an episode of Cops.  On that show the driver had pulled into a parking spot and then reached back to do something with her kid in the back seat.  While doing so she apparently stomped on the gas, sending the Montero over the parking block and buried into her apartment.  When they pulled the Montero out of the building, the only thing wrong with it was a broken headlight and some scratched paint.  I thought ‘Nice, I want that car.”  It was a VERY nice ride, especially for a used car.  It was quick, spacious, 4 wheel drive and free to me!  It was an uneventful car as well for most of the time I had it.  Then one day I am driving to my accountant and just as I turn into the parking lot I hear a loud noise and a scraping sound.  I stop, as I am just about into a spot and get out to look at the car.  Not that I can do much but you know, you have to look.  So I get out and see my wheel turned, no smoke or anything hanging where it shouldn’t be.  I go to the other side and see my wheel turned and nothing hanging where it shouldn’t be.  But something doesn’t seem right.  Then it hit me.  The right wheel was turned the opposite way. WTF! Turns out the tie rod snapped and the wheel was just flopping around. Glad that didn’t happen when I was doing 85 on the highway 5 minutes earlier.

So 4 figures later, that gets fixed.  I am now noticing that fixing THIS car is expensive for some reason.  Then 2 weeks later the water pump goes out. Screw this, I am fixing this and then getting something else. So I go to get THAT fixed and it is ALSO a four figure repair bill.  Seems they had to take off half the damn engine just to get to the water pump.  Damn Japanese engineers….  Car fixed and then traded in for a Dodge Dakota. I miss the Montero, when it worked.  It was a tank and one of the best rides I have had.

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