BIL 2020 update

Happy Monday everyone.  I figured it was time for an update on my brother in law and his escapades thru the mental health system.  When last I updated I had dropped him off at his brother’s house in South Carolina.  Since that will be our eventual destination, made sense to get his care started there so there would be no breaks in care. Things got worse, then a little better, then very worse and just before Christmas saw yet another trip to the hospital.  Now mind you this is a small hospital and they probably don’t have the  mental facilities needed to do justice here so that may be why they kept trying to NOT admit him, but they finally agreed to keep him.  Mostly because the brother threatened to just leave him there.  So in the hospital he went.
The doctor there started consulting with a doctor at a bigger hospital and they finally decided that they were going to just ‘reset’ him, since he was on more medication than a junkie, and perhaps one of them was what was causing all the Parkinsons-like symptoms. We did some research and one of them did list side effects as possible trembling, loss of motor control and lack of appetite. All things he had.  kind of pissed that NONE of them thought to look at that sooner.  So for about 2 weeks he was on nothing but a low dose of Valium and his original anti-depressant medication, that’s it.  2 weeks later he is now talking again, the shaking is almost gone and he is moving around a bit.  Slowly but moving.  He then spent the next 10 days or so in a rehab facility getting some physical care while continuing just the 2 medications.  Saturday he got discharged from there back to his brother’s house where they will continue physical therapy and doctor visits.  On Tuesday he is supposed to get a mental evaluation mostly to  hopefully find out if he screwed anything up with his OD back in the summer. Fingers crossed for that one.
So for now he has been taking positive steps forward.  Next step will be getting him back to the human race.  By that I mean that he has to care about being alive, his appearance and so on.  Just before his Thanksgiving decent into his personal hell, he was at a care facility in Nashville. They were having the hardest time getting him to care about himself, so hard that they spent all the time just getting him to shower or get dressed, leaving almost nothing to fix his underlying problems. We eventually want to get him BACK into that facility to teach him to be a person again, but he has to be able to take care of his physical self first.  So that’s where we are at now.  trying to teach a 54 year old man to shower, put on clean clothes and wipe his ass.
I’ll update later when we know more. For now there is some positives to take out of 2020 to date.  A test will be tomorrow when he takes that mental test.  We have had them scheduled int he past and he has always backslid hard just before.  We didn’t tell him it was coming this time, just in case. Please continue to pray if you of that mind.

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