Defending your child

Many years ago when son #2 was about 10 or 11, he mooned his school bus after it dropped him off.  The next day was a crazy one as apparently some girl told her father, and said father went to the school and wanted my kid arrested and charged with indecent exposure. So the school called him into the office and then called me (wife was in Vegas at the time).  The Principal is telling me all this and as you know me, my anger is boiling.  Since son #2 is essentially being accused of something I demanded to know who the accuser was so I could go and beat her father’s ass and join my son in jail.  I was livid and he knew it.  To his credit he tried to get me to calm down and let me know that he convinced the father to be a normal f*cking human and let it be, but they still wanted to suspend son #2 for 3 days. I allowed myself to calm down enough to accept that and get out of there, but still wanted to know who it was that reacted that way.  Mess with my kids and I will react back.  it may not always be at the appropriate level, but I will defend them to the end.
I read this story a few days ago and while it didn’t involve me I was livid!  I went thru all the usual conservative arguments in my head.  “If the kid was wearing a black lives matter button and you did that there would be hell right now” and stuff like that.  But it truly goes beyond the politics of that.  Yes, liberal fucktard teachers who try and push their views on kids should be bitch-slapped at every opportunity, but it was the fact that the teacher saw nothing wrong with grabbing the button off the shirt and physically touching the kid. Him being a male teacher and the student being a female also works against him. That is just wrong.  Now I am all for teachers defending themselves should a student get physical with them.  But you never initiate it, especially because a button hurt your feelz. If that were my kid the teacher would have a stump instead of a hand.  You do not touch my kid.  Ever.  WTF is wrong with liberals today?

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