Anarchy is coming…

So for 2020, New Your has instituted what they are calling bail and jail reforms.  In short, they are not jailing people if the crimes they committed are ‘non-violent’.  They are also releasing most people under those same guidelines.  Now you and me can see that right off the bat, this seems like it would be a bad idea.  While there are certainly many people who don’t need to be taking up space in a jail cell for petty crimes,  the things they classified as ‘non-violent’ seem to boggle the mind.  Apparently assaulting a cop is one of those supposed non-violent crimes you can get away with in New York.

Go to the link and you will see a video of the attack.  The guy was charged with assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct and some alcohol related charges.  he got let go, no time and no bail.  WTF!  And he isn’t the only one.  The story linked mentions a story earlier where a black woman assaulted some Jewish ladies, hitting them in the face and yelling “fucking Jews!’. She was arrested.  Then released with no bail.  Well a few days later she did it yet again. She was again released without bail.  The judge pleaded to have some sort of conditions placed on her but his hands are tied by this idiotic law they passed.  Even the ultra-liberal state DA Barecca has come out against this law.  I guess somewhere deep down inside he does care about something other than Trump.  (Note: I wrote this a few days ago and since then the lady has been arrested two more times!  because of the negative press its getting they ‘devised’ a way to keep her locked up by using a psych hold.  Pretty sure I don’t like the idea of them just doing that to people who inconvenience them.)
In California they decided that they wouldn’t prosecute ‘petty theft’, and then defined that to under $750.  Small businesses losing $500 worth of stuff a few times week will have them out of business pretty fast. Now couple that with no jail or prosecution for assault and you have a perfect storm approaching for anarchy.  If the government, who is supposed to protect us here, refuses to do so, people will start doing it themselves. My fear is it will end up like technical fouls in football.  The one that retaliates is usually the one that gets screwed.  But if you hit me, and I know that the state won’t jail you for it, I am going to attempt to be the living crap out of you in return.  Get my bail money ready now if this gets here before I leave…

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