Live Music

I like viewing and listening to live music. When I was younger I went to concerts whenever my meager income allowed me to.  I know I am dating myself here, but I saw Huey Lewis & The News several times, Rick Springfield several times (although most of those were in the last 10 years!), Hall & Oates, Cheap Trick and Phil Collins.  I had been to large venues like the Horizon and Poplar Creek and smaller places like the Aragon Ballroom.  I even like listening to local bands playing at the corner bar.  As long as they play well, I enjoy it.

My taste in music is quite varied. I like just about all kinds of music.  A look at my SiriusXM presets has Octane, Rock The Bells (classic Hip Hop), 90’s Country, the 70’s channel, Classical Music and Joel Osteen channel.  He is a little out there sometimes but occasionally you need a little spiritual pickup.  I listen to 60’s, 50’s, pop, some rap and Sinatra.  One of the best live shows I ever saw was Wayne Newton doing his Vegas Christmas show a week early in Branson Missouri. That was classic old school entertainment.  Close behind that was a small show featuring Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides.  About the only thing I don’t really like a much of the newer rap music as I just get tired of it fast.

Over the last decade or so I haven’t gone to as many shows as I would like.  My main tastes have gravitated towards more heavier rock music with bands such as Three Days Grace, Asking Alexandria, Don Broco, Dirty Honey and other such bands that many of you haven’t heard of.  Since they do not have the mass appeal that many bands do, they play at smaller venues.  Most of these smaller venues are general admission, standing room only.  You can see now why I don’t go to many shows anymore, I can’t stand for very long.  However I do go sometimes, and enjoy the show whenever I do.  I recently saw Don Broco and 3 opening bands downtown with my boys and it was a great time. But I still have one problem of sorts.

Well maybe problem isn’t the right word.  Everyone enjoys and consumes music and entertainment in their own way.  When I go to the shows now, you have most of the people rocking their heads, hands in air, sometimes singing loudly and there always seems to be a moshpit opening up in the middle along with some crowd surfing.  That is just not my style. I consume my music in a different way.  I listen to the music.  I let is wash over me and I can feel the notes, the drum beats and every high or low note the singer hits.  I watch the performers do their craft.  I marvel at the finger speed of the guitarists, and the dexterity of the drummer having both arms and a foot doing different things at different beats, all smoothly.  I feel the singer belting out the lyrics, even if sometimes I can’t understand them. While doing this I am not head banging, usually not singing and most definitely not in the moshpit. Sometimes people wonder if I am enjoying the show.  I know from listening to band interviews that the band rarely can see very far into the crowd so the first few rows reactions are important to them to help keep their energy up.  If they saw me they may wonder if I am on drugs or something as compared to everyone else I was a statue.

I saw a band Friday called Pop Evil and the two opening bands Rubikon and Like Machines.  I had never heard of the other two but after listening to them on Youtube, I liked what I heard.  The venue is mostly standing room only (there are a few seats but they cost like 6x more than the GA tickets!), so my feet are quite sore, still!  Also, remember ear plugs, just in case.  Sometimes they get crazy with the volume thinking louder is better.  Most cases it is, but not when it takes away from the quality of the music. Go see a band play and enjoy their expertise.  Listen to them ply their craft and be entertained, all while supporting local businesses.  Consume music your way, whether moshing or soaking it all in.  Just do it.

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