2020, here I come!!!

I learned a long time ago to never say “Well, it can’t get any worse”, because ‘it’ always finds a way.  So I am not going to say good riddance to 2019, it can’t get any worse in 2020.  However, 2020 will have to work hard to be worse.  There are some big changes coming up in 2020 that can make or break the year.
The big change that is coming up involves South Carolina.  My oldest son’s apartment lease is up at the end of March, and he will be moving to South Carolina with his girlfriend.  He is transferring his job to a plant out there and she is a nurse so should be able to find employment pretty easy out there.  To date my sons either lived at home or at most 30 minutes away.  This will be a new experience for me and the wife having a kid so far away.
The next big change involves US moving to South Carolina.  We have been talking and praying intently on it and we have decided to go all in on making our exit from Illinois happen this summer.  So starting now I have to do a lot of things to get my house in selling shape.  I need to redo both bathrooms, paint the walls in the stairway, throw away a LOT of stuff and do something about the driveway.  The cement has pickled and is just flaking apart.  A new one (has to be cement, damn HOA rules!) will run over $10k.  There is supposedly a place that will grind off the top 1 or 2 inches and recover with a cement-like mixture, which would run half that cost.  Guess which way I am going to go?  Then the last one may be the stickiest.  We have a fenced in back yard, but it is a variety of fences.  My fencing runs down the left side and one panel on the back right.  Neighbors fencing runs along the back and right sides.  MY fencing is in good shape.  The one along the back is literally falling down.  The whole summer has had me propping it up with planks to keep it from falling into my yard.  The asshole behind me doesn’t seem to care. He planted huge bushes in front of it last spring so he can’t really see it.  Well, he needs to replace HIS fence.  I can do without a fence there.  I have a little pug that I can keep in my yard with a snow fence.  He has 2 little kids and a big, mean dog.  So I removed all my help and now his fence is leaning against his bushes at about a 35 degree angle.  Come March, a discrete call goes out to my HOA about his fence.
However the move will trade one issue for another.  While we wil be closer to son #1, son #2 isn’t sure he wants to move.  He is very torn about it.  He and his brother are very close so that is a draw for him.  Plus, for the moment he doesn’t want to leave the nest, so to speak.  However he also doesn’t want to leave his friends, and right now he has a girlfriend.  He may be thinking with the little head a bit much.  We’ll see when that time comes.
The one constant pain that will carry over from last year is my brother in law.  I am trying to hold out hope that he can be a regular human again, but every day that hope gets dimmer and dimmer. He is also currently in South Carolina, and part of OUR moving will involve selling all his crap out here.  The other part will be trying to cope with the rules for his care, which we don’t even know yet due to his constantly changing situation.  He has some money but most long term places want medicare or medicaid as they payer.  To qualify for those he needs to be broke.  Well, we can’t just take his money from him because that would be against the rules.  We can’t just spend it on stupid stuff or ourselves either, also a rule breaker.  We CAN spend it on him, so I am using some to fix his place to sell, and sending some down for his brother to care for him right now. But with the rules as they are now, we’ll have to screw around with all this painful crap for years until his net worth is low enough to qualify. I don’t understand half of this and I am sure I will write more on it later as things happen.  One thing is for certain, our mental health facilities are in need of some major overhaul.  They suck.
The last change will have to come from me.  My physical shape is slowly getting worse, no thanks to my weight. I have trouble standing for longer than a few minutes and I have almost zero stamina.  There is also a pinched nerve in my left hip that seems to be getting pinched more and more these days.  I have to find the inner strength to lose some weight, just to give my feet, knees and hip a break. I can’t diet, as I hate just about every food that is supposedly good for me.  However I can cut down portion sizes and cut back on beer.  Exercise is also hard to do considering the shape I am in now, but I will have to start with something, however small.
So 2020 has a lot of big things to come for me.  Will it be better than 2019?  Well, it will be hard not to be, but you never know. Meanwhile, I will try my best to regale you with stories about my work, college days, life and anything else that pops into my mind.   Thanks for reading!

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