Clown Car

Back in high school we often shoved more people into a car that it was designed for.  Just like a clown car.  I recall getting 8 of us stuffed into a Maverick one night.  2 or 3 blocks from our destination the driver got pulled over and we all had to get out.  Yeah, he got a ticket for that and we had to walk the last few blocks.  There were many more instances where we squeezed 6 or so into a car meant for 4 back then.
I can recall one night in college we loaded up two cars and went down to the Chinatown neighborhood to eat and drink before the school year started.  Well one of the cars decided to not start when we went to go, leaving us with one car to get 7 people home.  That one car was a 1984 300 ZX.  No back seat in that thing, just a (sort of) flat hatch.  So we had me in the front seat with a girl in my lap and 4 others laid out across the back area like logs to get from downtown Chicago to Naperville.  While I enjoyed the ride (I had a pretty girl on my lap whom I liked!) I am sure the rest did not.
So Thanksgiving weekend on my way back from South Carolina I saw something that reminded me of those nights.  I pulled into a rest stop to stretch my legs.  I can’t drive more than about 90 minutes without having to get out of the car for a few.  So I stretch, walk around and get a pop.  On my way back to the car, another one pulls in next to mine.  It was  Nissan Sentra, a small 4 door car that seats 5 max.  Or so you would think… I watched as 7 fully grown Hispanic males got out of that car and walked to the bathrooms.  Now these guys were all about 5’10” or so, all in the 160-200 lb range, so not small guys by any stretch.  As I get to my car and start to leave I notice that on the car they exited from, half the back seat is down exposing the trunk.  Did they have a few guys riding in the trunk?  It was kind of cold, high 40’s , and that is pretty dangerous.  I did stupid crap like that as a kid.  As an adult I like to think I know better…

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