Waffle House

Well, after the gloom I left you with on Thursday, I figure I need to give you a more uplifting thing I experienced before I bring you all crashing down again. This story will let you know that compassion and humanity is not dead, yet.
So on my return trip from South Carolina I stopped for the night in Lexington.  It was about 9 PM so most restaurants were closed or near closing and I was hungry.  So I partook of my favorite dive, Waffle House. I walk in and sit at the counter to order my dinner. While sitting there I can see 2 white guys talking to an older black guy in the corner.  He looks to be probably around 70 or so.  I can’t quite hear what they are talking about but I can tell the 2 white guys are getting a little agitated.  Finally I hear the one guy say “Give me your keys, I’ll be right back”.   He takes the old man’s keys and leaves. I look at my waitress and she can see that I am puzzled so she fills me in.
Apparently the old guy was returning home from his kids place for Thanksgiving when his truck ( towing a trailer ) broke down.  She pointed to it at the gas station across the street.  He called his insurance but they couldn’t get a truck there for hours.  Plus it was Saturday night at 9 PM and no place was open, today OR tomorrow.  He called his son who told him he couldn’t come and get him and that he would just have to wait at the Waffle House until morning.  The two white guys heard him talking to his son and then verified the story with him and were agitated that the son would just leave him there.  When I saw these two getting very animated, I thought they were berating the old man or something and was wondering if I should step in.  Instead they were pissed at the son.
So I asked he about the keys and she said that he was a regular who owns a tow truck, so apparently he towed the truck and then the trailer down the street to a garage, for free. The other guy says that he knows the garage owner and will get him to look at the guy’s truck on Sunday, and in the meantime set him up at a Motel 6 right next to the repair place. The old man looked very relieved. I watched as the two guys left to go to the hotel and the tow guy left with the trailer in tow.  I noticed that they left their coats here along with coffee and mostly finished meals.  The waitress said they were regulars there and they would be back.  Well, I wanted to thank them but I was done now.  So I paid for their dinners and left.  Cost me less than a tow and hotel room, but I am glad there are still people who care out there.

I know I brought you all down last week, but there ARE still things to be thankful for.  Enjoy!

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