no thanks… (or very little)

Today is Thanksgiving. The day families and friends get together and celebrate whatever makes them thankful, eat a lot of food, watch TV and piss off SJW liberals with our celebration.  Sad posting today, both myself and Mrs. TPoP are not feeling very thankful.  The year has been a challenging one for us, a season of great pain, sorry and despair.  I am sorry to sadden you with this, just letting you know where we are at.
Personal challenges have been my own road here.  Foot surgery, broken finger and then my fall around Halloween, which still has my hand hurting, have just dogged me all year.  I can’t recall longer than maybe a week or two when I haven’t been limping or sucking down Alieve like candy.   I supposed the one thing we can be thankful for is that the wife and kids are healthy.
We have also had financial challenges with some high dollar repairs and replacements needed around the house.  Nobody is immune to those type of things but they do seem to come in waves.  Car repair, emergency plumbing work, fence repair and dental bills all add up fast.  Thanks to planning we are able to cover those things, but man it eats into the security.
The biggest challenge has been the health of family members.  You all have seen the stories and updates of my Brother in law’s battle with depression.  It has not been a pretty picture and has been sitting on the wife and me like a 500 pound weight.  We thought we finally got him into a place in Nashville that would help him long term. He has been there now for not quite a month and has not progressed one bit.  In fact we just got a call that over the weekend he is claiming health issues such as dizziness and that he fell out of his bed and is in pain.  Then the next day saying he couldn’t walk.  Now I am of the mind that he is faking this crap, but regardless, the home we had found for him is kicking him out.  There just went $40,000 for nothing.  They are going to transfer him temporarily to a nursing home out there that deals with mental patients, but now we have to find a permanent solution for him.  Perhaps his summertime OD really f*cked him up more than anyone thought.  At this rate he will be one of those disabled people you see getting SS payments just to live because he is unable to work.  After some initial calling we thought we found a place in South Carolina near wife’s other brother that may work, but they have a 6 month waiting list. Plus, he is in a sort of limbo.  He is coherent when you talk to him, so he is not bat-shit mumbling crazy, so the long term mental places won’t take him, but he IS crazy so most nursing homes won’t take him. 2 days ago with wife got on a conference call with him and his therapist and tried to make it clear to him that if he was faking this crap about not walking that he wasn’t coming ‘home’ to anything he may remember but a home or hospital somewhere else, that wouldn’t be as nice as the place he was at now. We have determined that he is faking as at one point in the call he supposedly got pissed off and said he was leaving and got up.  Legs work now, eh?  <sigh> Wife is about to crack.  I sent an email to the therapist without wife knowing asking him to not call us about anything short of death until at least Friday to give wife a day or two to just decompress.  We’ll see…
One other one that I haven’t mentioned to too many people is with my family.  At the beginning of the year we were told by my parents that my father has cancer.  It is a form of pancreatic cancer that thankfully isn’t the kind that kill you 2 weeks after you find out you have it. There is a ‘treatment’ for it that consists of some shot that costs several thousand dollars taken once a month.  Dad has good insurance and they are actually covering most of it so he has been taking it since January.  There has been some success with it, as it has been holding the cancer at bay.  However it is taking a toll on his liver so now there are some complications there.  The most vibrant individual that I have ever known now HAS to take naps throughout the day and is always tired. I have only told a few people as the parents asked me not to blab it.  I had to vent to someone so a few of you got to hear it early on.  I thank you for listening to me.
I know I just made you all sad reading this.  We are strong and will persevere through all of this, but if you are of a religious bent and have a prayer to spare, we take them all.  And despite all this sadness, we ARE thankful that we have family that we love and loves us, and friends like you that we know and love as well.  Hug your mom, spend time with your kids, say hi to old friends.  And please have a happy Thanksgiving.

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