Caller No-ID

Three or four times a week, we get an automated call saying ‘Your Google listing is unclaimed.  Please press 1 to claim your listing now and be connected with an agent.”.  You get no clue this call is coming from the caller ID number as it is spoofed.  Sometimes it is a Chicago number, sometimes says Harvard, and often times it says Coal City, but the number shown is never correct.  You go to call ti back and you get either some poor slobs cell phone who has no clue or you get nothing.  Press 1 to get to a person and you can listen all about how gracious Google was in gifting us a page and all we have to do is accept it.  Without it we are destined to be on page 3 or later in Google listings.  Usually I just ask to be removed from the call list.  never works, but I try.  Sometimes the person on the other end pretends to be doing just that but usually they just hang up at that point.  This last time I listened and when she said “You are appearing on page 3 of the Google search” I said “Really?  What company name did you use, because I just did that while we were talking and here I am on the first page.”  <click>
Several times a week we get calls asking for “whoever is in charge of your credit card processing”.  I most often just hang up, but sometimes I try and be nice and tell that that would be the owner, who is not in and is rarely in. Which is true.  If you want to reach him, email is the best option.  Sometimes I get hung up on, sometimes they ask for the email.  This morning the one says “I’m from your credit card processor, I need to talk to the person in charge of the processing account”.  So I ask what company is that your are from?  She again says ‘Your credit card processor”.  So I asked for the name, and she hung up.  I tried to call back the number on the ID and it says that wasn’t a working number.
We still get what used to be called ‘toner phoners’ from time to time.  What they do is say they are with your copier company and are sending you out toner, they JUST need to know what model you have so they can send you the right stuff. If you tell them they take that as proof you ordered and send you bunches of crazy prices toner.  Then you have to fight to get it returned and not pay the bill.  When you tell them you have a maintenance contract so they should not only know the machines I have but send me the toner without even calling, they hang up.  Any calls back go to unanswered numbers.
Almost 2 years ago we financed a large format printer.  My name is listed on the app as the contact person since I am always here but the loan is in the company name.  Every few months I get calls from lending places wanting to know if I want to refinance my machine or need new loans.  When I tell them that I am just a peon and not the owner, they hang up.  Really makes me glad I didn’t get money from them.  I have also tried in the past calling them back and almost always get some poor guys cell phone who has no idea what is going on.  Now when they call I sound like I am interested and get their name and company name and then grab my cell phone and call out other line here.  Once they can hear it ringing I tell them I HAVE to go and take this but give me their number and I’ll call them back.  If it is the same as the Caller ID number, and it actually is a real place (twice!) I will be nice and tell them no and why.  If they give me a number different that the ID, I call them relentlessly and sometimes hang up, sometimes ask for people, sometimes just put whoever answers on hold.  On occasion I have tried to sell them toner…
With all this Caller ID spoofing, what good is caller ID?  The first politician that makes phone number spoofing a crime punishable with actual jail time has my vote forever. Hell, make that damn .9 cents on gas pricing illegal as well and eliminate day light savings time and I will vote you for king!

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