No patience

I am a man of little patience.  I do have some, but when it comes to traffic, patience is nowhere to be found.  On the way into work this morning I got stuck behind a school bus before I could get out of my neighborhood streets.  It stopped every other street until it finally turned right so that I could continue on my way. Then I had to pass thru 2 school zones on my way in.  I may not have patience but I drive the speed limit thru those zones, always. About a mile away from work, just as the green arrow appeared so i can turn left, the lights suddenly change to red.  Yup, an ambulance is coming my way, on its way to the hospital a few blocks away.  It passes and then I wait for another cycle to get another arrow.  However fate said no, another ambulance came screaming down the road following the path of the first one.  A third light cycle passes and I manage to make it to work.  My normally 7 minute drive just took 30 minutes.

The last few months I have not had to make many deliveries.  We have another guy here we regularly send out.  Today, however, we had a delivery to a customer that really only likes to deal with me.  So I went to make the delivery.  They recently moved so I put their info in to the GPS and went on my way.  It started taking me to I-80, but before i could get on there it was a virtual parking lot of inaction.  So I kept going straight, knowing roughly where it will take me.  The GPS will reroute.  Sure enough it gives me a new route.  I take a left on Rt 6 and was supposed to cross over the dam bridge (actual dam, not swearing) but apparently it is closed for repair.  Detour out of the way to get to the next bridge. After I get over the bridge, the light at the bottom is only staying green for about 15 seconds each way.  So you have all these people not being aware and when it turns green they just sit there for a few seconds.  We might get 2 or 3 cars thru with each turn.  Grrr. I get to the customer FINALLY and make my delivery.  It was nice to see them again as I haven’t delivered in a while so we chatted and I got a tour of the new building. But I have a lot to do so time to get back to work.

Knowing the obstacles in my way I avoided having to run into a last second detour.  However I did get stuck behind 6 semi trucks waiting to take a left turn onto the parking lot.  Oops, I mean expressway.  I also got stuck behind a van towing a trailer full of sand.  A trailer so heavy that the van was only going 10 MPH and the tires on the trailer were squished so flat I was ready for them to explode at any moment.  No way to pass here, so stuck behind them for 10 minutes. I finally get back into town on the main streets, JUST as lunch time hits.  The main roads are packed with people getting lunch, taking turns into crowded drive thrus and just being in my way.

I am back now. I have probably spend over 100 minutes on the road today to go no more than 20 miles total.  For California and NYC that might be normal.  But here in town?  AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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