Public Service Announcement

Let me end this week with a public service announcement.
Please do not EVER come to me with invitations you want printed that are loaded with Disney Characters or cartoon characters.  Unless you paid Disney, Marvel or whoever the copyright holder is for permission to use those images, it is technically ILLEGAL for me to print them.  And that no name designer on Etsy that you bought them from?  yeah, she didn’t cough up those thousands of dollars either.  You acting in ignorance of that doesn’t relieve you OR me from the illegality of printing those.  Now, if they sent you a forged document alleging that they have the rights and it was a good forgery, we would have some grounds to stand on. But they didn’t, because they don’t think that far ahead and are idiots to begin with.
It doesn’t matter if ‘You won’t tell anyone’.  It doesn’t matter that we are here in unimportant Joliet and they are in Hollywood or LA.  It doesn’t matter if you are willing to pay extra.  If you think you won’t get in trouble, you are probably right,  But I could.  My business most likely has deeper pockets that you do so it would be the target of any lawsuit brought on due to your loose morals. Stop trying to steal someone else’s property. Please, just go buy the pre-printed Iron Man invitations from Target if your brat really has to have a Marvel invitation.  Now if you were artistic and drew the image yourself, we can do that.  Show us your inner artist and let that design just flow from you!  Otherwise, this isn’t going to happen.
Here is a link that may offer you some guidance. Kinko’s could have used that back in the early 90’s.

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