Get woke get screwed. (Literally)

US Representative Katie Hill (D) has been in the news lately.  It seems that she is a bit of a wild thing when it comes to her sexual partners.  Now to be fair she did campaign on that during her election.  She apparently brought up that she considered herself BI so much that many people wondered if she was just saying that to score points in lefty California. As you probably have heard it turns out that she really is as she was in a threesome with her estranged hubby and a campaign worker.  She even was the star in several wife swapping posts with her and her then hubby, posting several pretty racy and revealing pictures.  Well, at some point the three way ended because she moved on and the hubby apparently got a bit mad.  it seems that he most likely let news of those pictures out to some media members. A little bit more investigation discovered that not only was she boinking 2 people before she got elected, when she ended it it was to boink a staff member.  Tsk, sk, tsk.  Even in liberal politics, that is a no-no, a big violation of house rules and ethics.
What next follows is of course the usual circus.  Ms Hill resigns, but then cries about being the victim here.  While she may be a victim of ‘revenge porn’, even that is a bit questionable as the pictures weren’t published on a porn site but sent to a news website for them to use as corroboration on their story.  For the rest, she has nobody else to blame but herself.  I remember a phrase when i was younger going something like ‘never dip your pen in the company ink’. What that means id don’t fuck the help!  So the last week or so has been filled with Ms. Hill and many defenders crying about how she is the victim here.  if this was a MAN, he wouldn’t be subject to the same stuff as she is.  (Nice how they forgot the entire #MeToo movement when it suits them)
Enter today, we hear news of the CEO of McDonald’s no longer being employed, all because he wanted to bang an employee.  He screwed the help, he then screwed himself out of a $16 million a year gig.  personally I am quite happy.  I have McDonald’s stock as do my kids and it performs very well.  He was even doing a good job continuing that, until this asshole decided that he wanted to make McDonald’s more ‘socially conscience’. Screw that, make burgers and make money.  Hope that smash was worth $16 million, because that is probably the last paycheck that size you get for several years.
So Katie Hill, the only difference here is that the man will probably not be employed in a similar field at anywhere near the same rate for a number of years.  You, on the other hand, will probably get speaking engagements, awards and praise from your fellow liberals for being a fake victim.  Yup, not equal at all…

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