Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here.  Wife’s birthday is today so I had to make her a custom card.  Silly me, I started doing that years ago and now I can’t stop.  it’s expected.  Oh well, she likes it, she gets it.  I have no idea what the day will bring us weather-wise, so my follow up post about it may be good or it may be very bad.  neighboring town (4 blocks away) has decided that Trick or Treating is moved to FRIDAY.  Wife and younger son leave for a trip at 11 Friday morning so that would leave just me to man the fort. My town is still saying Thursday for now.  What a mess.
Anyway, I found a site I can host pictures so Friday or Saturday I will post some pics of the happiness or carnage.  Or both.  Wherever you are I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween.  Enjoy the day for what it is, time to be with your kids, and maybe to be a kid again.  Thanks for reading!

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