So busy I forgot to give this one a title…

This week is probably one of the busiest weeks I have between work and Halloween.  Things are humming along here at work pretty well (we hit our budget Tuesday last week!)  so I can’t get out early to do Halloween stuff. Between my injury, wife taking her brother to an out of town care facility and her also volunteering us to do Halloween games at our church this past weekend  means I have zero free time.

So this weekend we did the carnEVIL games at church, but toned down a bit. We spent a few hours Friday night setting up the pallet booths behind the church but to no avail. Saturday about an hour before the event was to start it rained.  And kept raining. So the entire event was moved indoors.  We were not about to undue all the pallets and move them in so we set up most of the games on tables inside.  They worked, but not quite as well had they been outside.  The kids didn’t seem to care as they had a blast and all left with a ton of candy.  it also gave wife and I a good live test of the games and their durability.  Last year 2 of the games broke halfway thru the night as they weren’t the best of quality.  We bought a prize wheel this year that held up very well so far.

Sunday turned out to be a nice day so we did the last of the outside stuff.  We set out the black light spotlights and ran power cords all thru the yard and pallets.  We also touched up paint where we could and swept some of the leaves off the driveway.  Now all we have to do are the mirrors for inside the garage.  We have a few animatronics and some other decorations that will go out on the actual day (not weatherproof). The rest of the plan is to have clown makeup painted on various mirrors so you can walk up to them and move your face around to that it appears that you are wearing clown makeup, hats, etc. There is also 2 or 3 ‘crazy’ mirrors like in a fun house that are warped to make you appear skinny or tall.  The final piece is this giant 7 foot armoire that she got for free. I managed to hollow it out and cut a groove for her to stand in.  I also removed the front doors and replaced them with sliding doors. The front is covered with a mirror film and has the same paint on it, so that when people move around and look into the mirror, wife will pen the doors and scare.  Hope it works.  Arranging the garage and finishing the scare box is what I have to do the next 3 days.

Meanwhile, here I am at work.  it isn’t even noon yet and I have already had three calls asking if we make business cards, 1 person who wanted me to send them a proof of the file they sent ME, 2 people wanting to pay for less than $1 of copies with a credit card and 2 people asking if we were ABC Management company, who was in this building before us, almost 4 YEARS AGO. We occasionally still get mail for those idiots.  I used to give it back to the mail carrier who would take it there but I am now marking them return to sender.  Screw them. I may not get a post up on Thursday, if not I will try and get something over the weekend about how Haloweeen went.  We’ll see, one weather report said SNOW!

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