Extinction Rebellion

There is a group out there called Extinction Rebellion.  Go look them up if you like.  Short answer is they are just another bunch of whiny white people with too much time and money on their hands trying to virtue signal by being assholes.  Now I have no problem with them protesting, in general. Go for it.  Our country gives you that right as long as you don’t break the law doing so.  Therein lies the rub.  Too many politicians allow protesters to get away with breaking the law, because on some level they agree with them.  Witness Antifa assholes in Seattle.  They start fights, assault people, break things and take over public land, all while the mayor and police sit by.  The lack of action against them for breaking the law merely emboldens them to do more.  And more.  And more.  We’ve seen where they have hit people with weapons and thrown chemicals on people, it is only a matter of time until they kill somebody.
Police officers MUST enforce the law evenhandedly. We as citizens have made a deal with government that we will forgo our right to private revenge in exchange for the government providing public justice. But that’s a DEAL, not a surrender. When the government repeatedly and conspicuously fails to provide that public justice, they’ve broken the deal and they open the door to this mob scene.  When you have 100 people lined up outside a Trump rally threatening, hitting and other things to people  leaving, line up a damn school bus and arrest everyone. You are there already, get that offender into the system, have a paper trail of what they are doing and maybe make a few bucks in fines while you are at it. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Catch and release does nothing but encourage more illegal activity.
Recently in London such a thing happened.  The Extinction assholes decided to hold up a train going into the city , for reasons.  You know, one of those trains they keep telling us to take instead of cars.  Now apparently trains are bad.  They are never satisfied.  Anyway, a few people climbed on top of the trains and some even glued themselves to it.  Police were very slow to respond to commuters started to take things into their own hands.  The ER jerks on top the train were pulled down and beaten.  A few of the people glued were being pulled, almost ripping their skin off in the process. THEN police decided to intervene and ended up arresting a few of the ER people.  Only to have them be released a few hours later, free to commit yet more crimes.
While I very much loved the sight of this guy getting whacked on, things can get ugly really fast.  Mob justice isn’t justice.  It’s retribution.  If the police and politicians would do their jobs and police these activities, arresting when laws are broken, things wouldn’t get out of hand.  When they ignore law breaking on one side, eventually the other is going to react on their own.  If I am at a Trump rally and someone spits on me or tries to hit me, I will make sure that they pay for it. And then you will have several people hurt or dead, all because cops wouldn’t enforce the law.  If you got one thing from any of the political posts I have written here and on Facebook over the years its that I just want consistency.  Apply the rules on an even basis.  But if that bastard can steal my hat and swing at me with a stick, I’m going to ram that stick up his ass.

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