Concert with my boys

So earlier in the week I went to a concert with my boys. We went to see Don Broco, with opening acts of Trash Boat, Sleep On It & Selfish Things.  You can hear all of those occasionally on SiriusXM Octane channel.  They would be classified between hard rock and punk rock, with a little screamo thrown in on occasion.  My boys introduced me to Don Broco a while back thru their creative videos and I instantly liked the music. The other 3 bands I never heard of but had been checking out on Youtube before the show.  All in all I had a great time at the show as I love live music.  I love live music even if I don’t like the type of music, as long as the band performs well, plays the crowd and so on.  I can appreciate the artistry involved even if I don’t like the music.  However here I DID like the music, as well as the showmanship.  The band seemed very into it, looked like they were enjoying performing and gave a great show.
While watching the show, I was reminded of a post about the last band I went to see.
 While at that bar, I saw many things that I ignored when I was younger that just didn’t work for me as a middle aged guy.  At this show, I was one of the older guys there.  Oh there were older people like me there, but the bulk of the fans were 30 and under, most in the low 20’s. So here are my observations about going to a rock show with a bunch of young 20-somethings.
The first observation is there are no seats.  Ever.  This isn’t the first show like this I have been to, but most of them have no seats.  That means you stand, on hard cement floor, for hours. And it gets crowded as every shithead wants to work their way to the front.  Maybe 3 knee surgeries and 3 broken feet ago I could do this but right now, my aging body revolts when I try to do this.  I stayed closer to the back for a lot of the show and every 15 minutes or so had to retreat to a wall that I could lean against for a bit of relief.  I also have a pinched nerve in my left hip that comes out whenever I stand for very long, and it came out in full force that night.  Meanwhile my oldest son was out bouncing around in the mosh pit area.  The crowd was enjoying it and the band encouraging it.  There was even a few attempts at crowd surfing (not by my son).  We weren’t packed in THAT tight, so that didn’t work out well.  Fortunately nobody got dropped on their heads.  That I noticed. Towards the end of the main set I managed to work my way into the middle of the crowd and it was pretty electric.  Like I mentioned, the band was pretty happy, seemed genuine and not fake, and that made the crown go even more nuts.  I tend to savor my music more then ‘experience’ it like a lot of these kids.  They want to jump around and do things like the mosh pit, and that’s fine.  I just like to let the music sink in and ‘feel’ it, enjoy it.  I may sing a bit or move now and then, but that is me.  Perhaps if I was younger I might enjoy the jumping and stuff.  Now if I jump I am likely to hurt myself.  Doh!
The only other real observation I have is a common complaint about the younger generation.  I was severely disappointed at the amount of cell phones I saw out and recording during the show.  There were even a few people that came prepared and had handles and mics attached to their phones.  Seriously, just enjoy the damn show!  It’s one thing to maybe ‘check in’ on Facebook or tweet that you are at the show, maybe take a picture of you and your buds together, but to keep pulling your phone out to record the performance instead of just enjoying it in the now, that’s just wrong. I know everyone enjoys musical experiences differently, but you may need to re-evaluate yourself if you have to record it and watch it later in order to enjoy it.  Thanks to my boys for letting the old man hang out with them for a bit.  props to Don Broco for an amazing show as well as the openers that we saw (we missed Selfish Things, crappy traffic!).  I would see more shows like these, if I had a seat…

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