College Days

Now I have many stories about my college days.  However a majority of them will remain untold here.  Mostly out of respect for Mrs. TPoP since most of them include sexual situations.  However I am going to try and tell this one in a way that hopefully doesn’t cross too many lines.
It is 1987, my junior year in college.  I am attending a small private school about an hour from home while most of my high school friends went down to University of Illinois in Champaign, about 2.5-3 hours south.  As a result I didn’t see them much during the year most of the time.  However at this time, I had a car!  So during that year I made several pilgrimages down south to hang and drink with my friends.  And me being a ladies man, I took full advantage of a previously untapped pool of females and hit on just about everyone in sight.  But this story is only about one in particular, Rhonda.
I met Rhonda at a frat party I went to with a few of my friends down there.  My best bud used to get mad at me because every time I came down, I never seemed to sleep in his apartment.  I didn’t plan that, it just seemed to happen.  Well at this frat party Rhonda starts to get real friendly and I will just abbreviate this part, we started hanging out on weekends.  So one weekend she came up to my school and the next I went back down to U of I.  Well one day she asks me to go to a Sorority Dance with her.  I’m thinking ‘cool, never been to one of those!’ so I said yes and went down there the next weekend. Needless to say, this trip I stayed with her, not my buddy.  She had this weird efficiency apartment.  It was a ground floor unit and was literally a huge room, with a small bathroom off to the side and a sliding glass door for the only entrance, like on the back of your house going to the deck.  She had a partition up to separate her bed from the rest of the space, but very unusual for me.
So I get there on Friday afternoon and she says we were going to go to a frat party with a few of her friends.  OK, as long as I know one or two people, I am good with most situations, so off we go.  What she didn’t tell me is that this was the frat her ex-boyfriend belongs to.  Sure, we were the guests of HER friend who also went there, but things were a bit weird.  Since I didn’t know at the time, I didn’t pick up on things, but now  the certain groups of guys that were looking at me and talking about me, just  out of earshot, her friends that kept grabbing my arms to feel my muscles (yeah, as if I really had much!) and going ‘hmm’, I just thought everyone was a bit crazy.  We left there and the rest of that night was uneventful, although I couldn’t help but think someone was following us back to her place.  I kept looking and didn’t see anyone, but there was that feeling…
The next day was the dance, and it was just another dance.  No big deal.  However we did get a bit toasty and were having a good time with her friends.  There were a few other guys there from other schools as well, and once we made sure it wasn’t some theme party where all the girls had to bring a guy from off campus, we enjoyed the rest of our night. Or so I thought.  On our way back to Rhonda’s place, a scene played out like out of a John Hughes movie.  First, as we were walking (OK, stumbling) arm in arm her ex-boyfriend stepped out from the bushes in front of us.  We stopped and I was very confused because I still didn’t know who this dude was.  I recognized him as one of the many that stared at me the night before, but that’s it. Then we notice two more guys step out behind us and kind of stand a little bit close. I start getting into panic mode now. Back then, my temper ruled me a lot more than it does now.  I just knew there was going to be a fight, I was just hoping no weapons were going to be involved, since I didn’t have any. Rhonda blurts out ‘Get the f*ck out of the way, John, we’re going home’. I just look over at her and she says that he is her ex.  Oh great, I’m gonna get my ass beat.  Now around this time I somehow became a fighting type of guy.  I got an attitude and didn’t take crap and that led me to get into a lot of fights.  I ‘won’ some and lost more, but I wasn’t backing down.  Drunk as I was, I could still see them and was in better shape than they appeared to be so let’s do this!  I point at John and say that I don’t care about his two buddies, if anything happens to me or Rhonda I am going to kick HIS ass.  At that point I get jumped from behind by the two friends.  I sort of saw it coming so I managed to sidestep the punch and it just grazed my shoulder (but still HURT!), and I turned to slug the second guy as he came near. I managed to hit him solid right in the nose. I know it was solid because he went down and I thought I broke my hand!  I turn around and the remaining two rushed me together and managed to grab a hold of me.  Friend #1 was holding my arms, mostly, while John was trying to punch me.  He hit me several times, thankfully none of them flush or with a lot of power.  One did get me in the jaw and I found out later had chipped a tooth, but didn’t  know or care at the time. During all this Rhonda is screaming for them to stop, weakly smacking the guys with her hands and trying to kick them.  I sayw trying because she was missing and hitting ME most of the time instead.  After what seemed like an eternity I got my arms free and slugged John right in the gut.  He doubled over and began heaving his guts out. I turned towards friend #1 and he just shrugged his shoulders and grabbed John and walked away. Guy #2 has disappeared so that just left us standing there, me with a chipped tooth, broken fingers, bloody nose and an impending black eye.
Rhonda asks “Are you OK?”  Every smart-ass answer known to man went thru my head, but I just mumbled ‘yeah’ and we went back to her place.  Two hours later we are naked and she is trying to nurse my bruises.  I have an ice pack on my jaw, hand and leg while she is rubbing my back.  I am starting to feel better when there is a loud ‘smack’ against the glass door.  We both jumped and I saw a baseball bat against the wall so I grabbed it and flung open the curtains.  There is John standing there, looking all sad until he saw me standing on the other side of the door, naked, with a bat.  His eyes got real big and I wasn’t thinking but threw the door open and started yelling that I was going to break his f*cking head open and charged out after him.  He took off running while screaming like a bitch. About 20 seconds into this I realize that I am buck naked and I stop yelling and chasing him.  He just kept on running.  I walk back to her room and now she decides that she is turned on.  Not happening, lady.  I am sore, pissed and want to beat someone.  So we go to bed.

About 30 minutes later, JUST as I think I fell asleep, there is another knock on the glass door. I jump up yet again and grab the bat, ran to the door and flung the curtains open while yelling “John you mother f*cker, get away before I bash your head in!”  Only I got as far as ” John you mother…” when I noticed that on the other side of the door was 2 campus cops just staring at me.  It seems that someone reported a naked guy chasing someone thru the street with a bat.  After I put some clothes on and about an hour later the guys left.  I had agreed to not file any charges against John and everyone would forget my naked romp thru the U of I campus. I left the next morning and that was the last I saw of Rhonda.  I was a horndog but there was only so much even I put up with.  I felt like she knew John would be there and was trying to make him jealous or something. Plus the chipped tooth, broken fingers and black eye didn’t make me feel like going back.

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