Got called a cracka last week. LOL!

So last  week we got a call from a lady looking for a flyer.  The conversation went the same as many do. “Do you do flyers?  How much?”  Why do people ask that question without giving any information?  Anyway, I try and prompt her with some of the specifics like quantity, paper, etc. and it is like pulling teeth to get any information out of her.  Finally we get to the point where I find out she doesn’t have artwork and wants us to create it.  Fine, we do that.  So I ask her what information she wants on it. ” I want it to say Full time pay with part time hours, and have clocks and dollar signs on it.”   That’s it.  No identifying information, no phone number, no company name. I ask a few more questions but she insists that’s all she wants.  OK, we tell her it will cost $10 and we’ll email her a proof later that day.
So that afternoon we email her a proof around 4:30.  The next morning we have an email from her, that she had sent at 10:30 that night. Her email says “Can you make this ligher in color, only 1 click and use dollar bills instead of dollar signs.  Also make the dollars appear to be floating n a breeze.  I’ll be by to pick it up in the morning”.  (I left her typos in there, just because) Um, no!  So here was our reply back. “Good morning Tonya and thanks for the reply.  We can do anything you would like for that flyer but we have a few restrictions.  The first one is time.  This new idea of yours will take a large amount of time to make happen and there is no way we can make it happen this morning like you requested.  At best it would be mid day tomorrow before we would be able to have a proof to you.  There are just too many other jobs that were here first to do this any faster.  The second would be cost. So far you are at $10 for design. If we were to change the flyer to what you want the cost would be well over $100 for the design time required to make it happen. We would need a deposit before we started on that so if you can come by later today and take care of that I will put this in the designer’s rotation right away.  Thanks.”  The first one literally took him 2 minutes so I wasn’t worried about the money.  We also watermarked it so she couldn’t use it anyway.
So later that day here is the email we got back (copied right from her email). “what kind of cracker-ass operation are you running there?  $100 for a flyer? I can do that myself for $100.  I told you what I wanted right off the start but you donnt listen good and done messed it up. I dont have $100 and I can’t use what you sent me, it has yor logo all over it. Seriously, what kind of ripoff place are you?  Just send me the first one with your logos gone and I’l be done with you.”   She sounds like such a delightful person!  After we all laughed a bit at her reply I just sent back that we would be happy to send her a version without our logos on it once we she paid the $10 for it.   Oh boy, you would have thought I grabbed her tit or something with that one. “$10 for that?  never! Kiss my ass you crook!  I should call the police on you!”  If anyone should call it should be me since she is trying to steal my services without paying for them, but whatever.  We are currently debating whether or not to reply back.  While it might be fun, we are still a business and up to this point have been professional about it.  Any reply back would have been pure snark and while I can put that here, it is not generally a good idea to not have the business name attached to it.

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