Hello? Am I getting thru?

So Wednesday afternoon a lady comes in about getting a funeral program.  We talk for a moment and she pulls up a link to show me her example.  I see one sheet with a picture screened int he background and some text over it. Very nicely done.  She says it will be an 8 page program but her phone wont show me the other pages.  Oh, and she needs these by end of business Friday.  So I tell her to send me the files right away so I can see about getting it done.  About 4PM she sends me the link to the sample she had.  She wasn’t lying, it was 8 pages.  However the page she showed me was the easiest one in the bunch!  There were 5 pages covered about 2/3 with cropped photos and text wrapping around the photos, 2 pages like the one she showed me and the last page with a cropped picture of the person’s head screened in the background and a lot of text.  This would be a lot of work.  I mean a LOT of work.  Like at least 5 hours of design time screwing with these photos and text, which I don’t have.  So I emailed her a few minutes later declining the job.  I explained how I couldn’t do that job by her deadline without compromising about 10 other jobs already in house. I offered her the contact information of 2 freelancers who do work with us regularly, one of which specializes in funeral stuff. At 5 PM I went home.

I walk in today around 10 after my BNI meeting and I have a job jacket on my desk with about 20 photos in it, as well as 10 emails with photos and text attached.  NONE of the emails seem to acknowledge the one I sent her the night before saying that we couldn’t do the layout.  So I called her, and ended up leaving a voice mail.  I also emailed her saying the same stuff and giving her the same info again.

I don’t want her walking in here expecting a program when I don’t have one for her.  Even though I have told her more than once I would still feel bad. So I just called and emailed again a few minutes ago.  No reply for either.  OK, done eating lunch, back to work.  I’ll update you if anything else happens.  My guess is that she will call around 4 PM looking for a proof and claim to have not got any of my messages. We’ll see.


Sure enough, 9:00 AM on Friday she walks in asking if we have a proof for her to look at.  I had to tell her no and that I called and emailed multiple times telling her we couldn’t do it.  She looked white as a ghost after that, which was hard to do since she is black, and just started mumbling.  I handed her back an envelope with her pictures and suggested she still contact the independent guy I gave her info for.  I will even come in in Saturday and print it for her if need be.  This sucks because now I feel bad, all because she was too busy or distracted to read her damn emails and check voice mail.

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