Never forget

I will never forget.  Sadly, I think many have, and many more just don’t care.  repeat post, because i can’t say it any other way.


I think most people who are old enough can recall where they were or what they were doing on 9-11.  I was on my way to work, was almost there when the radio announced that it appeared a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I can recall thinking ‘WTF!” I was only minutes away from work so I sped up a little more figured I would check it out online or try and get the little VHS/TV we had for training videos to work and check it out.

I get there and my staff had already heard about it and we all gathered around the little TV moving the antenna to try and get a picture.  Then BAM, plane 2.  We all sat there in silence for what seemed like an eternity.  One of my peeps muttered ‘terrorists’ under his breath, but we all heard it.  Probably thinking the same thing.  We went about our day, all of us kinda numb, talking about it with a few of the regulars that came is, but all of us pretty distracted.  We kept an eye on the TV and ear on the radio for additional news , getting sadder with each new revelation, but thankful that no more had happened.  Then we closed early so we can all just go home and be with our families.

That trip itself was an adventure.  I had a 52 mile drive home in a gas thirsty V8 T-bird,  wasn’t sure if I had enough to make it.  The jostling and lines at the gas station were horrendous, but at least I got 5 gallons so I could get home.

I have to admit that for the rest of the night my thought waffled back and forth between worry for our country and selfish worry about myself.  I had just took out a high 6 figure loan on the business and with the impending business drop, how could I keep it going?  Then I would feel guilty for thinking about myself and wonder if this meant war was coming.  All night my thoughts switched back and forth like that.

In the end, it took several years, but I ended up having to close my business.  Sales dropped 60% immediately afterwards and took almost 4 years to get back to almost what they were, but by that time the loans and credit card debt I took to keep it going were just too much, and a dispute with the franchisor just put it over the edge.

I lost my business, but as a country I think we lost more.  Terrorism struck home.  Our country was bloodied.  I (mostly) recovered and moved on, but we as a nation have been forced further down that rabbit hole having to deal with scum that want to kill us simply because we don’t believe in their so-called God, or because our ladies like to show some skin, or we like booze or any number of things we do and/or think that ‘offend’ them.  We have been forced to endure infringements upon our liberties in the name of safety. We are all extra cautious with things we suspect may not be right.  And with our own rules, it limits how we can fight back, because we are civilized.

I pray often for my country. It has it’s blemishes.  It has its tarnish, it’s bad history.  But it has it’s good history as well, and has been a positive force in this world.  We are all who we are due to the combined experiences we have good AND bad.  They all shape us into who we are today.  This is still the best country on this earth.  God bless the USA.

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