Laboring on Labor Day weekend.

This beautiful Labor Day weekend also happens to be my anniversary.  29 years yesterday I have been married to a beautiful woman that puts up with my crap.  So what do you do for your 29th wedding anniversary?  Labor. We paint the kitchen. Friday removing and taping everything, Saturday painting and yesterday putting things back together.  Still have the pantry to paint but that was a lot move moving things around than I wanted to do at the moment.

So this Labor Day weekend, many Democratic politicians did their usual thing about trying to proclaim themselves as for ‘the working man! (and woman)’.  They will tout their union ties or something like that to try and show people how much they care.

No mention how they want to screw the lowest working class by making 10 million illegals suddenly legal.  Whose jobs do you think they will take?  Assuming they actually work and don’t just ride the Uncle Sugar gravy train. Better look out McDonald’s cashiers, you can be replaced.  Automated kiosks or an illegal who will make less, both can do it. Even criminals need to beware, seems that illegals are making headway there as well.  An illegal alien has been arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland, for alleged sex crimes. This is the seventh such case involving an illegal alien since the end of July IN THAT COUNTY ALONE.

So maybe its time for some of these people making minimum wage ask their Democratic representatives just what it is they are actually doing that will help them.  Raising minimum to $15 will just get 20% of them let go and another 20% reduced hours.  Oh, and with the minimum at $15, it also kicks in increases in many union contracts.  And here you guys thought they were advocating that just for YOU!  Hahahahaha!

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