Social media should just die.

I hate social media.  Yeah I know I am on Facebook.  It has been good at enabling people to stay in touch with friends who happen to be on the other side of the country or even too far away for a quick beer or three.  I use the events function to facilitate poker games.  However there is a dark side to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all these social sites.
We have always been a divided country.  Growing up before all these things I knew people who would today be classified as liberal, a few SJWs, a few racists some supply-siders, a few Reagonites and many people who just didn’t care that much.  What was truly unique for the time is you could still be friends with all of them (well, the racists you just kept at a distance, you were polite to but stayed away from as much as you could). How could this be?  Well, it was possible because you didn’t have everyone’s opinions shoved down your throats 24/7/365 like you do now.  You don’t have people from 10 states away combing thru your friends list looking for anyone ‘unpure’ or guilty of wrongthink demanding that you cease all communication with them. In short, life was easier.
I had a friend growing up that most people thought was an asshole.  And he was to most people, but not to me.  To me he was a good friend who had my back in a fight no matter what.  A friend who DID have my back in more than one fight.  A friend who would support me, stand by me, laugh with me and tease the shit out of me like guys do.  I had other friends who would sometimes ask me why I was friends with him and I would tell them all the above.  And that ended it.  There was no boycott, no calling the band director and trying to get me thrown out of band because I hung out with someone ‘bad’. There weren’t mobs of people harassing me to get me to stop being friends with him.
With Facebook, I have a wide swatch of friends.  Just like in my youth, I have some liberals, some conservatives, a few SJWs (although a few of THEM have decided to unfriend me because they are now intolerant assholes), a few libertarians and many people who just don’t care that much.  I like to think I don’t have any racists as friends, but you never know.  Although according to the SJW’s, me and anyone who voted for Trump is a racist, so there is that. There are a few of my liberal friends who I wonder about as they seem to have such a low expectation for minorities that I think THAT borders on racism, but that can be another topic for another day.  While most of my friends themselves are not too far off the wall, if I venture into ANY of the political posts, you get barraged endlessly from their friends, rabid followers of the opposite side of whatever position you take.  I recently made a comment to a friend who would be a borderline SJW and ended up in 7 different ‘arguments’ with seven different assholes, each jumping right to personal insults when I refuse to accept their premise or presented them with facts. I finally bowed out after 3 days of this as I just don’t have the time.  I already pointed out how they were wrong (I am not always right but in this particular case I was very right) and they weren’t going to change their minds.  No need for me to sit there and be called more names. One sent me several messages thru Messenger getting VERY personal and mentioned my job by name. I nicely invited him to stop by and call me any of those names in person, and then suggested that if he couldn’t drive that I could stop by his mom’s house (I found out from our mutual friend he was 24, unemployed and living at home) and we can ‘meet’.  I then listed the address so he knew that I also knew about his info.  He promptly STFU.  I am sure they considered it a victory when I stopped replying.  Losers.
Back in the Obama days I was a prolific posted of anti-Obama stiff, for about 5 years.  I was confronted by a liberal friend once about how it sounded and I reflected on that and somewhat agreed that I occasionally sounded a bit out there. So since then I have toned down my political stuff to a large degree.  I still post from time to time, usually on gun related issues, but other than some snarky memes, I don’t want to invest the time or energy.  And with this new perspective is the awareness of everyone else’s opinions being shoved down my throat 24-7. Funny also how one of the people who complained about my Obama posting now posts something anti-Trump just about every day, looking more unhinged than I ever did. I blame social media.  It should all just be blown up.

4 thoughts on “Social media should just die.

    1. My laptop died a few years ago and because of this situation you describe, I am more happy than ever that I didn’t bother to replace it and do my social media strictly through my phone. I can’t count the number of times I’ve not gotten into a political argument strictly because I don’t want to spend all day typing out my thoughts on my phone. Or at the very least keep my replies short and very succinct.

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