Things that sound dirty…2

Sorry, lots of personal crap going on right now, have to resort to a cheap post for now.  Enjoy!
Female customer is purchasing a banner that they want weighted at the bottom.  Her and bossman are discussing various options when he suggests getting a rod or something from a hardware store and we could create a hem pocket at the top and bottom to slide them into and then hang them from.  She says ” I like your hanging rod.  Idea”  (Yes, she paused there and probably realized what she had said)
(Designer spilling some padding compound on himself when making pads) I hate when I get this white shit all over me, it’s sticky.
During one of the many rainy days this week, a woman customer comes in dripping and just looks at bossman and me behind the counter, spreads her arms and says “I’m wet!” (We all stayed silent somehow)
Bossman: “I really need for UPS to come now”
Me: Try talking sexy to them…
“I got 6 inches here”  Bossman telling me how large the paper stack is for me to get him a box.
I reached over to grab a stapler and my hand brushed the arm of our designer, shocking him (static shock).  He looks at me and gets all doe-eyed and says “I feel a spark between us…”
FedEx delivered a package of something that we ordered the day before. Bossman: “Wow, that came fast…” From the back room “Sounds like a personal problem!”
When downloading a HUGE file (159GB ) our designer said “Damn, how big IS this?”
“That’s what SHE said!” came flying in from the break room…

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