If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am fairly conservative. I would probably lean more to the Libertarian side of things but everyone they want to elect seems to be bat-shit crazy, so that isn’t happening.  Regardless of those leaning, the one thing that ticks me off the most in politics is the lack of consistency.  You see it all the time in just about everything, and the fact that people can square these in their heads just mystifies me.
Say you have a minor Democratic official and they get caught on camera saying something pretty bad racially, or have tweets exposed showing them to be a pretty big asshole.  You will hear Republicans complain for a few days, news media will pay it lip service because it IS out there, can’t be completely ignored, but you won’t hear anything negative from it from Democrats. In fact, they go out of their way to defend whatever it was that happened.  In the end, the offending person is usually still employed and it goes down the memory hole.
Now reverse that situation with a Republican doing something bad.  Democrats scream ‘resign!’ almost reflexively. Seriously, they want every Republican to resign for every slight, no matter how big or small.  The worst is you will always find a few republicans who will come out against one of their own.  Usually it’s some Rhino like that asshole McCain, who has never attacked a Democrat as hard as he has attacked fellow Republicans. I hated that fucktard and he was the one Republican Presidential candidate that I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for. But the story line still goes with no consistency here, on either side.
But I am going to go a little deeper here than that.  Recently it came out that some rich guy wanted to host a fundraiser for Trump.  Of course this made a bunch of liberal heads explode, and they searched for every and any connection this guy had with anything so they can go express their outrage.  He once owned Company X?  Boycott it!  We has a financial interest in Y?  Cancel memberships!  Pretty much anything they remotely touched must be burned to the ground with a guilt by association.
But when Democrats fund raise with notorious race-baiter Al Sharpton? or hang out with convicted terrorists like Bill Ayers?  crickets.  No guilt by association.  Nothing to see here, just move along!  I will admit that this pisses me off to a large degree.   In my opinion Republicans in general are too ‘nice’ and play by some old rules.  Joaquin Castro just outed a bunch of Trump donors in his district with the message that perhaps people should make them think twice.  Now to their credit, there are a lot of regular Democratic voters who think that was a pretty f*cked up thing to do.  But for regular officials, they are actually DEFENDING THIS!  Republicans are bitching, but still playing nice.
I think its time to play by the same rules.  Time to name people and companies that donated that THAT asshole so that they can also ‘think twice’ about who they donate to.  Ask them all if they are proud to have given their donations to that asshole.  Boycott if you feel so inclined. Maybe release Joaquin’s info as well.  I am sure its all public data there somewhere, nothing wrong with that, right Joaquin? If people call you names when you go out to eat, that’s just a price to pay for your beliefs, right?  And it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault if the more unhinged people took that as a sign to harass you, right?  I mean, that wasn’t our intention, so that’s OK, right?  That’s what you said.
We got Trump because he was the only one that fought back on the same level.  He wasn’t my pick.  I wanted Ted Cruz. However I have come to (most of the time) like his in-your-face replies to attacks that most Republicans would just sit back and take. Don’t give me this crap about it not being ‘Presidential’.  If you can call him Hitler, he can call you Fauxcohontis. Unless something changes, we are getting more Trump.  I hope that inspires more people to return the favor and play by the new rules.  After all, we need to be consistent.
I had this pre-scheduled to post when I thought that this situation applied as well.  So Chris Cuomo gets confronted by a heckler while out with his family.  Something he urges people to do to politicians, government employees and conservative news people.  During the brief exchange the guy calls Chris ‘Fredo’ and Chris goes ballistic, threatening to f*ck him up, throw him down the stairs and so on.  Pretty shitty conduct on his part.  And CNN DEFENDED IT.  And so did many other reporters.  So, you prissy little bitches can dish it out but can’t take it?  Imagine if that had been Rush Limbaugh who threatened to throw someone down the stairs.  The calls for his firing and boycotts would be endless. perhaps we should get a list of people who advertise on his show and start boycotting them… You made the rules, just making sure you live by them as well.

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